Route description


Meeting at Klarälvens Camping at 09.30. You learn how to build your own timber raft from logs and ropes. You also get information how to steer the timber raft, to get lose from tricky sandbanks and stones – small adventures that might happens as you are on the river – and of course how to get to land again.

To build the raft

As the information is provided you start building your own timber raft, using only logs and ropes. The logs you are using are gathered in piles at the riverside, from where you have to roll or lift the them to the water. The raft itself must be constructed in the water – as this is done it will carry the size of 3x3 meters. An experienced instructor will be on hand at the building site. When you are ready you set off on the river. (But before this you drive your car to the endpoint of the timber raft tour. You park the car and go with our transport back to Klarälvens Camping. It´s just the driver that needs to do this).

On the river

Bring food and drink on the raft and clothing for the prevailing weather. The current makes the raft go forward, but be prepared to use your paddles and pole. Sometimes it is really relaxing and you just drift down the river. Sometimes your full attention will be needed to avoid trees that are hanging out over the river or eddies. Shortly before you reach the final destination, you need to paddle the raft out of the current. As doing this, it is of big importance that all participants on the raft are working together. 


The timber raft tour ends in Björkebo, at the eastern riverside of Klarälven. Here you will bring the equipment to its allotted places and dismantle the raft. At the very end you let the logs float into the timber trap in Björkebo.