“Ecotourism is responsible travelling which helps protect natural environments and supports the local population’s wellbeing.” (WWF 1994)

Over recent decades, ecotourism has successfully contributed towards protecting unique natural and cultural values all over the world. It is one of the fastest growing industries in the field of international tourism.

“Naturens Bästa” [Nature’s Best] is a Swedish ecotourism quality grading. Naturens Bästa is operated with the Ecotourism Association as the organisation responsible, in collaboration with the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and the Swedish Travel and Tourism Council. The grading is customised to guarantee high quality in activities entailing nature conservation, more environmentally adapted travel and care for the cultural values of the travel destination. Naturens Bästa is a joint brand for Sweden's best nature travel operators and their best activities.

The following are the six basic requirements for Naturens Bästa: 
1) Respect the restrictions of the travel destination – minimum possible impact on nature and culture. 
2) Benefit the local economy. 
3) Environmentally adapt all operations. 
4) Actively contribute to nature protection and cultural protection. 
5) Invest in the joy of discovery, knowledge and respect. 
6) Quality and security on your trip.

In May 2002, Vildmark i Värmland quality graded log raft trips on Klarälven with Naturens Bästa. We did this as we believe it will benefit you as guests, those of us working on the trips, the local population and the natural world/culture in which we find ourselves. It is beginning now! Together we will continue to develop the product and ensure that it remains reliable in the future. We are also striving to give ecotourism grading to more of the activities we offer.