Quality and Environment

Tour Quality

TourQuality was Sweden's first quality assurance programme specially designed for tourism companies. It has been developed by the research institute ETOUR in Östersund together with the expertise of consulting company Agrippa. 

The system for quality assurance is simply and straightforwardly structured. The aim is that all who take part in the delivery of any experience should be able to easily understand the system and their part in ensuring its quality, whether that person works only for a short period or year-round.

The work involved in the quality assurance involves, among other tasks, that we set out in detail WHAT the service consists of, HOW it shall be delivered and WHO shall take part in the delivery of the service. Vildmark i Värmland has documented its quality work in such a way that since 2005 we have kept the process alive and ongoing by updating our documentation every other year. 

Environmental Policy

Vildmark i Värmland's most important resource is the countryside and the environment, which we and our guests utilise for activities and arrangements. Vildmark i Värmland will strive for a long-term and sustainable development of the company's operations. We wish to leave a good world to our children.

Vildmark i Värmland shall continuously improve and develop in such as way that the company does not place a burden on its surroundings from an environmental perspective.

Vildmark i Värmland shall operate well within the requirements of relevant environmental regulations. 

Vildmark i Värmland shall have defined goals for its environmental efforts and assess the achievement of these goals regularly. 

The efforts towards an improved environment and minimal climate impact shall be an integral and natural part of all Vildmark i Värmland's operations.

The relevant parties shall be kept regularly informed.