Timber rafting takes time but it also gives time. In a society with a lot of stress, our work is done in a stress-free zone where nature decides the speed and content.

Vildmark i Värmland will inspire and deliver unforgettable, world-class experiences in nature - nature that we all must take care of to preserve for future generations.

The business concept for Vildmark i Värmland is to offer unforgettable nature-based activities and experiences for companies, families and groups. We do this by:

  • giving guests an opportunity to build their own timber raft and float down river Klarälven
  • having canoe tours in rivers and lakes far away from stress and haste
  • offering a grand experience of nature and a personal challenge through adventure in Brattfallet and river rafting
  • offering pleasant accommodation at Klarälvens Camping with short nature-based adventures and activities

The purpose is to:

  • offer a more enjoyable way to travel for all parties - more fun for our guests, for our instructors, and for the locals.
  • manage evertyhing professionally.
  • purchase goods and services locally.
  • be in nature on its own terms and rhythm so that our joint responsibility for it becomes clear.