What are our guests saying?

We have asked our guests about their experience. Here are some of the answers:

What made this experience good?

2021: "It was very well organized and the nature is beautiful."

2021: "It was a challenge and we love that. But it also made you aware of your shortcomings or strong sides of your personality. The things what made this experience good were the teamplay we had as a family. And the beautiful nature."

2021: "Was it good? It was expensive. Was it wurth it? As an experience, once in a live time, is was Allright."

2021: "Nice experience. Definitely something I would recommend. 4 days on the raft was however enough."

2018: "Prefect scenery, perfect weather, great food and all the right equipment. The right level of challenge for us,"

2018: "It was the first time we did such an adventure with our 3 children and it was a great opportunity to get to know each other in another way. It showed a great deal of the real character of all 5 of us."

2018: "IT was an amazing experience to float in total silence over the river. We loved camping in the wild (didn't do that since I was a child with my parents)."

2018: "Being outdoors, the physical challenge, the teamwork among"

2018: "Great nature and great to sail on a very steady vessel that you have build by your self"

2018: "Well planned, everything works"

2018: "The Swedish nature is impressive"

2018: "Combination of hard work, nature and relaxation"

2018: "We were a scout group of 16 people: 3 adult and 13 people of 15-17 years. We have built 3 raft and we had a great team work. The trip was difficult because the water in the river was down and the mosquitos in the evening were terrible... But we work it out together and it has been a unique experience!"

2018: "The instructors and the organisation is very professional. We feel in Security during all the activity. Building Our own raft is Incredibles! The nature, the water and the wild animals are amazing!"

2018: "Freedom"

2018: "Out in nature; step out of your comfort zone; experience rest and being away from your ordinary daily rush; no mass tourism!"

2018: "Stunning scenery, tranquil, very well organised and helpful staff"

2018: "The right balance of adventure and relaxation in amazing natural scenery"

2018: "Rely on team, rely on your own intuition and ingenuity, beautiful and quiet nature"

2018: "Great teambuilding family experience. To be in the beautiful outdoors in Sweden."

2015: "Klarelven is beautiful and challenging."

2015: "Good equipment, good guidance notes, wonderful rural location"

2015: " One big adventure!"

2015: "Staff, set up, trip, location all fab"

2015: "Freedom, nature, building and floating on the raft."

2015: "Very social employees with enough experience. Good instructions"

2015: "adventure, physical work, nature, loneliness"

2015: "the experience of being completely back to basic, the relaxedness and the company of friends"

2015: "To 'meet' nature by floating on a river"

2015: "It was a good combination of outdoor, sports, nature and relaxing."

2015: "The water was varied both easy and challenging, following a good route but with options to camp where we chose lots of wood for fire good choice of vegetarian food"

2015: "Good setup and help building the raft"

2015: "Being in nature on a selfmade raft."

2015: "New environment, new country and new experience"

2015: "The quiet of the place and of the river. But also the tranquility…"

2015: "Swedish nature; friendliy staff, good weather"

2015: "be close to the nature, the physical activity, the silent and take a shower on the river! amazing!"

2015: "very nice trip, shiny weather, nice waterways, nice camping, nice people along the way"

2015: "Well organised in advance, great scenery and route, fantastic and easy to find spots to spend the night, thanks both to Allemannsrätten and the detailed information available to fill into our map."

2015: "The freedom to travel without being accompanied, the fantastic scenery, peace and quiet, level I adventure you can have in a short time, great people on other rafts to share experiences with."


Did your experience fulfilled your expectations? 

2021: "We knew that it would be a challenge. We knew we could do it. What we didn't knew was that it was that hard work and that there wasn't hardly any instructions/help on site. But that made us grow in our own capacity to solve problems during the raft building"

2021: "I expected nature, however I might had a bit rougher and more complex (more variation) in mind"

2021: "We had a great time!"

2018: "It was more intensive as I thought but worth every minute of it"

2018: "it was a life time experince"

2018: "It was a wonderful experience - probably a tougher physical challenge than I had anticipated, but that was no bad thing. It was an intense experience and wonderful to be on the water for so long. But the problem solving was equally a great part of it , especially for the kids. The sense of adventure was really strong- and when the kids found some wild raspberries on the riverbank, this was like some Summer dream!"

2018: "One of the best experiences I have ever had"

2018: "Very enjoyable, learned to work as a family team, learn something more about your own boundaries"

2018: "The kids loved it"

2018: "It was an adventure and we fullfilled it with plesure"

2018: " I wanted a canoe camping experience where we were in the wild. The setting and the camping were great. We caught some fish too."

2018: "It leveled my expactation and more. Everything came together in a positive way during our tour. Good weather, fast awareness how to handle the raft, no collisions, good teamwork, great time together with our family!"

2018: "We knew it would be difficult and we wanted that. We thout we had to stay less in the river and we would have more free time, but it was ok"

2018: "We expected the weather to be pooring and to be stung everywhere by knutten. The opposite wastrue, the weather was hot and dry and the knutten were nowhere to be found. The route itself was more difficult because of the lack of rain and therefore the tide being low. It was however not impossible and the teambuilding exceded"

2018: "We Search aventure and an amazing experience in wild nature: WE found it!"

2018: "A fantastic experience away from the hectic world we live in."

2015: "We had a wonderful trip Down Klarelven, with lots Of fascinating experiences."

2015: "We felt that the instructors was to inexperienced to provide the proper guidance for first time travellers. Luckily for us, we went on the same trip last year and also have a lot Of outdoor experience. The instructors at the building site was very skillful, but didn't have enough patience and time to let us build a proper raft, which let to difficulties for us Down stream. But all in all my son and I love this trip and we are certainly going for a third time next year."

2015: "Beautiful place, excellent river (Klaralven)"

2015: "Good facilities, as described on website"

2015: "the pysical work makes it special."

2015: "The instructors were great! Thanks Tom and Sharon!"

2015: "It was as adventourous as we wanted and as beautiful as we hoped."

2015: "Route was well thought out, enough freedom to vary the schedule."

2015: "Biggest part of the trip was good. Landing the raft was difficult. The river was wide and streaming fast. We had problems on this part."

2015: "Better map with ALL the campsites, camping in the bushes is nog fine trough musquto and no real good camping places"

2015: "It was a great tour with wonderful staff, was very difficult for two adults and two small children. I wouldn't recommend it for two adults and two children under 12 due to the difficulty in changing course and mooring for the night."

2015: "the information before the trip was accurate and complete so you could imagine hoe it would be/go"

2015: "I will reccomend this trip at friends family and relatives because of the great experience"

2015: "This was a gift for my birthday and it was exactelly what I wand and need. be in nature, sleep, feed and live with the nature. I find what I want withe this experience."

2015: "I wanted to enjoy the Swedish landscapes from another point of view (from the water) this time. The tour was well build up and the organisation provided what was expected by us."

2015: "I would say it met my hopes, which were for peace and quiet, isolation and freedom to be in charge of itinerary and activities."


Other comments?

2021: "I think building the raft is quit heavy work, people should realize that and when it is bad weather it is quite tough"

2021: "The distance was too long, we had to be >8 hours on the raft every day"

2021: "Everything was well taken care of. Night temperatures were lower than expected. And building the raft more work but we did enjoy every moment. We found wonderful places to camp. We were glad we took it slow so that we were able to have time te explore."

2018: "As a scout, I was really impressed with the simple rope technique that was used to build the fleets."

2018: "Hope that we can come back!"

2018: "This was an excellent experience, it's my first outdoor adventure and surely not my last."

2018: "as I said in the previous answer, I really think this would be a better experience for a family with older children. Especially this Summer with the low water and the big chance of getting stuck. Our children were a bit bored on the raft, allthough they liked the experience. I would recommend this for kids over 11 or 12 with their family."

2018: "Yes. I think it would be good to explain a little more in the website what the trip involves. Not to take away the adventure or discovery elements at all, but I think maybe a bit of familiarising yourself with rope and knots would just make the experience even better, allowing you get the most from it. Also a little clearer on th exact nature of the provisions- i ordered one provision per person and it was WAY too much. So we could have taken much less and had less weight. But the sight of the four kids canoeing, building the raft , camping, catching fish will stay with me for ever. Thanks"

2018: "Although we were harried on our first day, the base team turned out to be great. Such interesting and experienced people"

2018: " We would advise to change the very tiny sleeping mats with the light self-inflatable versions. The mats we rented from you are really tiny and quite hard for adults of our age (46) :-) But that would be the only point. Otherwise the organisation was perfect! Keep up the good work!"

2018: "Maybe at little more training in making knots"

2018: " Get rid of the mosquitos and serve coffee on campsite"

2018: "More help to build the raft. The knots were to difficult. We should have seen the landing place beforehand and have got instructions about how to get into the timbertrap. We nearly missed it."

2018: "Keep up the good work"

2018: "More guidance at the building site would be better. A few times we had to wait long for help."

2018: "Good experience, good explicated... You should give also mosquitos hat with the equipment..."

2018: "Thank you. We loved it."

2015: "Be prepared for hard labour!"

2015: "we appreciated the contact with the staff. We think it is a bit expensive.Two pushingpoles would be practical. Thank you for your help and the unforgettable experience."

2015: "Keep up the good work and let the people enjoy!"

2015: "Just one thing: maybe sometimes someone have to come and watch us. because the first night we have to spend our night on the raft but ot attach because it was to late for one of us to take the risk and it was to cold. We keep a good memorie of this night but maybe other people need to be rassured. unless it was perfect!"

2015: "This was a very nice experience with Zweden. The people of Vildmark where very friendly and helpfull and the other travellers also. It was also nice to do with the kids. They enjoyed very much. The campingplaces into the wild where very nice. Especially on the islands where there where nice fireplaces. Also the local people we met where very friendly and helpful."

2015: "Having used this summer's trip as a reconnaissance for possible future destinations with our scout group, we're considering returning for the timber rafting in the future with a group of young adults."

2015: "I would say that this was more physically demanding than I expected. The raft building particularly was quite tough. Not a bad thing but a certain level of fitness helps!"