At Vildmarksbyn Eden, fire is an important part of your stay. Therefore, it’s crucial that you are careful and never leave a fire unattended. As an adult, make sure stove doors are closed. You are not allowed to make fires in areas other than designated ones. If there’s a fire ban, it must be respected (information can be found on the Sunne municipality’s website). Follow specific rules that we inform about on the notice board at the woodshed. Fire extinguishers and fire blankets are available in all cabins, as well as in the communal cabin, “The Bear”, and in the sauna, “The Birch”. Always ensure you have buckets of water for extinguishing in case of a fire.

A first aid kit is located in the communal cabin, “The Bear”.

Smoking inside buildings is prohibited. Smoking is permitted outdoors. Dispose of cigarette butts in the ashtray. Remember that a small cigarette butt on dry ground can cause a big fire.

There is mobile phone coverage in the area, but sometimes reception can be difficult. Check upon arrival which location works best for your phone so you know where to go if an emergency occurs. Usually, the best reception is near the parking area. Make sure your phone is charged and consider bringing a power bank for extra charging. There is no electricity at Vildmarksbyn Eden.

In case of fire, injury, or imminent danger, call 112. Mention the following coordinates to the emergency services: 60°02’56”N 13°15’48”E

The nearest medical center is in Ekshärad (approximately 26 kilometers) or Torsby (approximately 30 kilometers). Torsby also has an emergency department. Inform us about the accident that has occurred.