The history of Vildmarksbyn Eden



It is the year 1997 when Lennarth Swahn, a well-known local enthusiast from Värmland, begins building a few cottages deep in the forest. What would become Vildmarksbyn Eden is located in Ransbysätter in Gröna Dalen (the Green Valley), a name that needs no explanation. Lennarth could hardly have found a better location – the cabins stand by a steep ravine created by a gently flowing river. The Björka River provides guests with essential water, while the forest contributes wood for warmth and light. The timber for the buildings was sourced from the forests around the site and hand-hewn.

In doing so, Lennarth has succeeded in creating a natural and stress-free place where people can gather.


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Since its inception, Vildmarksbyn Eden has offered unique accommodation and a destination for both families and groups. Additionally, from the very beginning, it has also hosted courses and events focusing on stress management and personal development.

In 2018, Vildmarksbyn Eden was sold but continues to be operated in the same spirit, with the goal and vision of providing animal and nature-oriented experiences in a beautiful location.