Things to do at- and in the area of Vildmarksbyn Eden



Gröna Dalen (The Green Valley) is the area around Ransbysättern. Here, there are several small roads and paths. A short walk leads from the other side of the gravel road up to Stackalstjärnen where there is a wind shelter. Or you can choose the longer circular hike, Spegelleden, which takes you down to Björkaholm via Domarberget and back to Vildmarksbyn Eden.

With a bit of luck, you might encounter some of the wild animals that live around Vildmarksbyn Eden, such as moose, deer, roe deer, beavers, wolves, bears, foxes, lynx, wolverines, as well as forest birds and small animals like voles and mice. Along the forest paths, there are also small places to rest and eat your packed lunch. For more information, you can contact our hostess, who is a trained and certified international wilderness guide and knows the area well.

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The river Björkan, flowing past Vildmarksbyn Eden, has perfectly clear water. Depending on whether it’s a wet or dry summer, the level of Björkan varies. However, near the sauna, there’s a lovely spot to swim in the river. If you prefer swimming in a lake, there are several natural beaches at Lake Stor-Jangen and in Lysvik by Fryken Lake.



Experience fantastic and varied fishing in the deep forests around Vildmarksbyn Eden. The waterways here are managed by Storjangen, Älvsjöns FVOF. The lakes are easily accessible for fishing from both the shore and by boat. The lakes boast a good stock of perch, pike, whitefish, roach, and game fish such as trout; there are also brook trout in the rivers. For more information about fishing around Vildmarksbyn Eden, you can contact our hostess who can provide guidance on fishing permits, arranged barbecue areas, shelters, as well as information about boat launching and general rules in the area.

Bear in mind that you will need a fishing licence, which you can purchase here.