Curious about canoeing?

Whether it’s been a while since you last went canoeing or you’re a complete beginner, this is the perfect opportunity to experience nature on the waterways of northern Värmland. No prior knowledge is required. We provide you with information about safety and paddling technique on-site. You enjoy the experience – we take care of the practicalities!

We use two types of canoes:
Canadian style INKAS aluminum canoes that are 525 cm long with two fixed seats. It is possible to put in an extra seat if you want to be three people in this canoe.

Ocean sit-on-top kayak, open style kayaks where you sit on top. They can accommodate two people, or you can paddle solo. When using the kayak, your legs may get wet, so rain pants or shorts are recommended, depending on the weather.

Paddles and life jackets are included with both the canoes and kayaks.

Note! Adults must be able to swim. Minimum 2 adults. Children under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult in the canoe or kayak.

Booking: Send an email to: or call +46-560-140 40. Payment online before you start is required.

As long as there is open water, we can offer the following:



We meet at Torsby Herrgård (manor house) in Torsby. You paddle on your own on the river Röjdån as far as you want, and then turn back to end the tour at Torsby Herrgård where you started. Note! A land crossing is required if you paddle beyond the power plant at Väls. Alternatively, we transport you to Lake Flaten and from there you paddle back to Torsby. Price: Start and finish in Torsby SEK 550/canoe. Transport to start in Lake Flaten and finish in Torsby SEK 490/adult and SEK 245/child.


The river Klarälven/Stöllet

When our reception at Klarälvens Camping is staffed and we have canoes or kayaks available, you can take your own trip on the Klarälven River. Paddle upstream and then turn back to finish at Klarälvens Camping. Alternatively, we may be able to arrange local transport to start you upstream, allowing you to paddle with the current back to Klarälvens Camping. Time: According to agreement. Price: Start and finish at Klarälvens Camping SEK 200/hour or SEK 490/day per canoe/kayak. Transportation upstream and finish at Klarälvens Camping SEK 490/adult, SEK 245/child.


The river Ljusnan

Meeting at Hotel Sahlströmsgården
We meet at Hotel Sahlströmsgården, just outside Torsby and transport you to Lake Hänsjön. From there you’ll paddle via the river Ljusnan to the small power plant in Röbjörkeby. Along the way, you’ll pass through forested areas as well as open pastures and small coves, with opportunities to spot various birds. From the power plant you walk back to Hotel Sahlströmsgården and take the opportunity to enjoy their delicious lunch or dinner. Price: SEK 490/adult, SEK 245/child (lunch/dinner at the hotel is extra).

Meeting at Vildmark i Värmland office
You can also meet us at the office of Vildmark i Värmland, where you’ll receive your canoe/kayak and other equipment. From there, you’ll walk to the small power plant in Röbjörkeby, launch your boat, and paddle the river Ljusnan northward to Lake Hänsjön and beyond, if you wish, before returning the same way. At the end of your trip, you’ll return the canoe and equipment to the Vildmark i Värmland office. Price: SEK 550/canoe.


The river Röjdån, 2 days

We meet you at Torsby Herrgård (manor house) in Torsby, and then provide local transfer to the bathing area at the northern end of Lake Kläggen. From there, you’ll paddle on your own back to Torsby, spending one night outdoors along the way.
This scenic tour takes you through both lakes and rivers, surrounded by an agricultural landscape. If you’re lucky and quiet, you may spot beavers in the evening or early morning. The tour includes two short land crossings. Price: SEK 1090/adult, SEK 545/child (minimum 2 adults). We recommend renting the Canadian canoe, which has more room to carry the gear you’ll need for the overnight tour, such as a tent, kitchen equipment, and sleeping bags (available for rent).