Timber raft 2 days

Looking for a short outdoor escape with a touch of comfort? Experience this 2 day timber raft package paired with cozy cabin accommodations. Immerse yourself in nature, float down the river Klarälven and make lasting memories with friends and family.

  • nest_eco_leaf A physical challenge with great reward.
  • nest_eco_leaf Build your own timber raft on day one and embark on your journey down the river on day two.
  • nest_eco_leaf Enjoy the mighty valley of Klarälvdalen.

An unforgettable experience

A timber raft trip is an exciting adventure, whether it’s a long or short journey. Building the raft involves physical effort and teamwork. Logs are rolled from the shore into the water and tied together to make the raft. After a day’s work, you can admire your raft and spend the night in a cozy cabin before setting off on your timber raft the next day.


What is included in the package?

cottage One night in a cabin at Klarälvens Camping
face Information about the tour
emoji_people Instruction during the raft building
support Basic equipment
directions_bus Assistance with taking your vehicle to the end point
local_parking Parking for vehicles

Things you need to bring

  • Clothing suitable for changing weather including rain gear and a full change of clothes. Gloves and sandals (which are suitable for use in the water) or old trainers.
  • Own sheets (if you have not added this as optional extra).
  • Food and drink for the whole journey. You can cook in the cabin or in our guest kitchen in the service house.

The basic equipment includes: One night in cabin at Klarälvens Camping, instruction during the raft building, timber, ropes, buoyancy aid, life ring, paddles, pole, map and assistance with taking your vehicle to the end point. If it’s raining, you will also be able to borrow a tarpaulin.

We can recommend booking an extra night in the cabin after the timber raft trip. Then it is no need for rush and you will be able to enjoy the day on the river more.

To build your own timber raft is a big part of the adventure and experience.

Note! In “Economy cabins” you are not allowed to use sleeping bags, you need to use sheets. In “Budget cabins” you can use your own sleeping bag if you wish.

On the other side of the road from the campsite is Mac 45, which sells hamburgers and other meal options; on weekdays there is a lunch offer. There is also a petrol station with a charging point for electric vehicles. You can purchase basic groceries at the petrol station during their open hours 09.00 – 20.00.

  • You enjoy the experience while we take care of the logistics!
  • A balance of challenges and relaxation.
  • Choose between different types of cabins.

Make sure you eat a proper lunch before arriving, the afternoon will be long and physically challenging. Depending on the number of people, it takes about 3 to 4 hours to build a timber raft. When the raft is complete and you have received your equipment for the next day’s journey, you moor the raft and stay overnight in the accommodation you have booked. In the evening you can use the fireplaces to barbecue, or unwind and rent our wood-heated sauna for a relaxing evening.

The next day you start your journey down the river Klarälven. Expect a journey filled with breathtaking scenery and surprises like sandbanks and eddies along the way. If you want to make the most of the day and not rush off right after timber rafting, add another night and stay in a cabin at Klarälvens Camping.

Are you traveling with a caravan? You can book this package with accommodation in your own caravan.

How does it work?

Day 1
  • You can access your cabin at Klarälvens Camping from 14.30 on the day you arrive.
  • At 15:00 we all meet at the building site for an introduction to timber rafting.
  • Build your timber raft using just logs and ropes.
  • We will assist with transporting your vehicle to the endpoint.
  • When the raft is complete, you moor the raft and stay overnight in the accommodation you have booked.
Day 2
  • Clean your cabin and check out by 11.00 at the latest.
  • Embark on your timber raft journey.
  • At the goal dismantle your raft and return the equipment.

Prices and departures

Period: 5th June – 30th August 2024

Wednesdays (5th June – 28th August)
Fridays (7th June – 30th August)
Sundays (23rd June – 18th August)

Time and place for arrival: 14.30 at Klarälvens Camping, 140km north of Karlstad on departure days listed above.
Note! It is important that you keep this time!

Timber raft 2 days (SEK/person)AdultChildren 3-15 yearsGroups
Basic equipment with “Economy cabin”23801190
Basic equipment with “Budget cabin”228011402130
Basic equipment with own caravan21801090

Groups: Group prices are available if you are a group of at least 10 people booking together for any of above dates. The price is per person regardless of age. We expect you to travel with 5-6 people per timber raft, of which at least two must be adults. Note! Special booking conditions apply to groups.
Additions (SEK/person)AdultChildren 3-15 yearsGroups
Cancellation insurance240120120
Canoe along your timber raft trip490/canoe
One extra night in “Economy cabin”300150
Final cleaning, “Economy cabin”600/cabin
One extra night in “Budget cabin”230115180
Final cleaning, “Budget cabin”400/cabin
Bed linen180180180

If you travel with your own caravan, two nights stay at Klarälvens Camping with electricity is included in the price.
Note! This is not possible with a motorhome, as your car will be parked at the final destination of the timber raft tour during the night.
Offer: In June an extra night after timber rafting is included with the selected cabin. Do you want to upgrade the accommodation to a standard cabin with toilet and shower? The price is: SEK 30/person/night. Choose the economy cabin when booking and in the box for “comments to booking” write that you would like to upgrade. We will get back to you if the opportunity exists.


Each timber raft requires a minimum of 2 adults aged 18 or older. Adults must be able to swim. Advance booking of the package is mandatory. Cancellation insurance can be arranged at the time of booking. Participation is at your own risk. It is necessary to have your own vehicle in order to book an additional night. Please review our travel conditions.

Can we bring the dog?

You are welcome to bring your dog, but you must consider the following:

– You must keep the dog leashed at the meeting point and at the building site (if you have booked a timber raft tour). It is also important that you always have the dog under supervision on the journey, because you are traveling in an area where there are wild animals.

– If you make a longer trip (3-8 days), local transport is included. If there is another person traveling in the same vehicle who is allergic to dogs, you must be prepared to transport your dog to the start of the tour yourself.

– Some dogs are very sensitive to mosquitoes. There is not much you can do, but it is usually not a problem when you are out in the canoe or on the timber raft, but can be a concern when you go ashore for the night.

– We do not have life jackets for dogs. Bring your own if your dog needs it.

– It can be long days on the river if you travel on a timber raft or paddle a canoe when the dog must be still. But if the dog likes to swim, it is usually not a major problem.

Can we drink the water in the rivers/lakes?

The water can only be drunk if it is boiled. The water can therefore be used for all cooking, coffee, tea, etc. On longer trips (3-8 days) you will get freshwater containers in the basic equipment that you can fill up before you set off. You don´t have to boil the water to brush your teeth or wash the dishes. Remember to bring biodegradable washing-up liquid!

Where is our starting (meeting) point?

Depending on which package you have booked, there are different meeting points. NOTE! If you search Vildmark i Värmland on Google, or any other search engine, you will come to our office in Torsby. NO tours start from here! You will find information where your specific meeting point is in your travel documents that you have received when you made the booking/payment. It is usually found at the end of the travel document.

What do we do if we want to fish?

It is fine to try fishing on all our different tours, but you must have a fishing license. You can purchase fishing licenses at the starting point for all tours except canoe tours that start in Torsby (Röjdån and Rottnan). If you start your canoeing in Torsby, you buy a fishing license at “ifiske.se”. (Seach: Lekvattnets FVOF for Rottnan and Velens FVOF for Röjdån)

Are there a lot of mosquitoes?

There are always mosquitoes. How much depends on how dry, hot, and wet it is/has been. A heavy spring flood with subsequent heat brings a lot of mosquitoes. However, it is very rare that there are mosquito’s over open water. The mosquitoes are mainly active on land and in the evening. Mosquito repellent and covering clothing are the best protection. As far as it is known, the mosquitoes in this area does not carry any infections.

Is it possible to travel by train and bus to you?

You can travel by bus alternatively by train from Karlstad to the meeting point of most of our packages. It all depends on which package you have booked, and which day you will arrive to us. Should you, for example, start your canoe- or timber raft trip on a Saturday or Sunday in Gunnerud, there is no bus to Gunnerud on these days. If you will arrive to Gunnerud on a Saturday or Sunday, you can travel by bus to the bus stop “Sjögränd” (just south of Gunnerud) and we can arrange a transfer free of charge to Gunnerud (if you arrive with the bus connection that is closest to the start time of your booked trip). Notify us at the time you make your booking if you need transfer.

What our guests say about us

A good balance of number of participants. Enough not to be crowded on the river, yet completly solitude, once on the water. Created a safe atmosphere about not being alone if you get stuck, on the other hand great peace and quiteness.
Timber raft
It was a very unique experience. Away to get close to nature and a perfect trip for a person who loves nature and adventure.
Timber raft
It was even better as in the beginning I was a bit nervous building and handeling the raft. But this was great with two strong guys
Timber raft
Something completely different
Timber raft
Thank you very much
Timber raft
It was even Better than hoped for! Building the raft was quite a job but well supervised in advice and assistance
Timber raft
It was a wonderful experience to undertake with my family
Timber raft
Well organised, good and enough food and being in touch so close with nature is just the best!!
Timber raft
Adventure, nature, challenges, eating on water, building the raft, teamwork
Timber raft

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