Additions Timber raft 2 nights

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Cancellation insurance: Here is a brief summary of the cancellation insurance for private persons (other conditions apply for groups). If you would like the full description, please read our travel conditions.

At the time of booking, a personal cancellation insurance can be taken out if the booking concerns arrangements, alternatively a cancellation insurance per cabin if the booking only concerns accommodation.

This protects the traveler against cancellation costs if the cancellation is due to a valid reason. Certificates from doctors or insurance companies must be presented within 10 days. The traveller may either be refunded the cost of the holiday less the administration fee and the cancellation insurance fee, or may be offered an identical or similar holiday with us at a later date, but no later than the following season (does not apply to single person in a group). 



Sleeping bag package (includes the following): Sleeping bag, liner and mat, packed in a waterproof bag.

Vildmark Värmland - Klarälvens Camping
Foto: Tommy Pedersen


Have you seen raspberries along the beach that need to be picked? Does anyone need to pee? With a canoe, you can easily paddle ashore and then catch up with the timber raft. Note! You must not leave the raft completely unmanned. The canoe can also be helpful to land the raft. Paddle the canoe to land with a very long tow rope from the raft (tie two or three ropes together). Go ashore from the canoe and quickly tie the rope around a tree.



Our basic cabins, which we call budget cabins, are available as 2- or 4 bed cabins.

The cabins have one room with dining table, fridge, hob, tableware, blankets, pillows and one or two bunk beds depending on size of the cabin. There is no water supply to the cabin. We also have made a 2-bed cabin of a 4-beds cabin. In this cabin you find two single beds on the floor (no bunk bed). Most cabins have a small porch.

In the service building close by you have access to a bigger kitchen, toilets and showers (the showers require SEK 5-coins for warm water – tokens for the shower can be purchased at the reception), a laundry room as well as an assembly hall where you can eat your own dinner.

As environmental friendly campsite we ask all our guests to sort the garbage and leave it at our recycling station.