For guests that wants to stay overnight at Klarälvens Camping

As a guest with us at Vildmark i Värmland we want you to feel safe. We have taken active actions and precations to minimize the risk to get exposed for covid -19 and at the same time not risking other peoples safety of getting exposed for the virus. It is thereby important that you are free from any symptoms of covid -19 when you are staying at our campsites. It's important to keep a safe distance to others during your stay, as well as keeping the recommended guidelines as hand sanitizing and showing respect to our other guests.

  • We ask you too book and pay your stay in advance. You can choose to do it in our booking system online or by phone. By doing this it will all be done quick and smooth for all parts involved.
  • If you have booked and payed in advance you will receive an email with the information where to get your key or where you can put your tent. You will not need to visit our reception, if you dont want to.
  • If you book your stay we only allow one company at the time in the reception. If you come as a group only the guest who is responsible for the booking is allows at the reception. If there are other guests before you, please wait outside the facility until its your turn, there is plenty of space outside in the fresh air.
  • Note! We accept VISA or MasterCard but no cash.
    * Pay attention and follow the information that is provided at our servicehouse to maintain highest safety for you,your company as well as other guests.
  • Soap and water as well as handsanitizing will be available at the toilets as well in the shared kitchen and in the servicehouse.
  • Cleaning of the shared spaces will be done frequently.
  • Respect the safe distance guidelines to other guests around the barbeque areas and other shared spaces.