Bergslagen 7 days

6 nights/7 days, 85-110 km

This is the region for those of those who are seeking quiet, unspoilt nature. Surrounded by remote and secluded areas of marsh and forest, the tour runs through small lakes and rivers in the former mining district of Bergslagen. The tour starts on västra Sundsjön west of Hagfors and ends in Stjärnfors, near Uddeholm. Depending on which route you choose the tour is between 85-110 km long. The tour also requires about 10 land crossings. The longest transport needed is about 4 km, but if it´s low water the longest land crossing can be up to 8-9 km.

This fact makes the tour rather tough for fmilies with young children. As the tour starts and ends att different places the local transports between start, finish and our canoe-center in Gunnerud are included but you will paddle on your own. If you didn't arrive by public bus you will leave your car at our center during the tour.