Klarälven 4 and 7 days

6 nights/7 days (100 km) or 3 nights/4 days (50 km)

The Klarälven runs the length of Värmland, from north to south. Its serpentine meanderings make it a major feature of the Värmland landscape. Its waters flow gently and the landscape ranges from steep valleys to flat, cultivated land. An ideal self-guided canoe tour for the whole family where you go canoeing at your own. Read more about Klarälven here.

The part of river Klarälven we use for the canoe-tours is free from rapids and powerplants which makes this tour perfect for the whole family. You will paddle on your own but to make it easier for you and for environmental reasons we coordinate the local transports. You arrive by public bus or with your car to our canoe-center in Gunnerud and we take care of the transport to the start. You paddle back towards the canoe-center.