Travel description

Day 1: Arrival

We meet at our centre in Gunnerud between 13:00 and 14:00 on the date stated on your booking confirmation. Upon arrival you check in at our reception and receive the rented equipment. There you can even buy a fishing permit, mosquito repellent, a T-shirt or other things in our simple shop.
If you have booked the basic outdoor course we offer on Sundays at 9:30 you are welcome to arrive already on Saturday evening and sleep in Gunnerud in your own tent or one rented from us.

Day 1: Information

At 14:00 we load your equipment in the bus that will bring you to the starting point of your canoe tour. Then we gather all guests going on the same tour for a briefing about canoeing technique, safety and the public access to nature before we drive you to the starting point.

Please remember that you might want to re-pack some of your luggage in the waterproof barrel that is part of the basic equipment. For this reason it is smart not to arrive last minute!

Day 1: Launching

First we arrive to Klarälvens Camping, where the four days-tour starts. Then we continue to Branäs, where the seven days-tour starts (sometimes even the four days-tour starts here. This you will get to know in Gunnerud). Together we unload your equipment and you receive your canoe(s). You start to paddle down the river for a while and look out for a spot for the night, according to the right of public access to nature - Don't disturb, don't destroy!

Day 2-4 resp. 2-7: On the river

You decide yourselves about the distance you want to paddle every day. The tour is self-guided but you get a route description, which you should read thoroughly to see what you can discover along the route.

Enjoy the simple life! Take a break along the shore and stretch your legs from time to time!

Day 4 resp. 7: Finish

This is the last day of your canoe tour on Klarälven and you return to Gunnerud before 14:00. You return the rented equipment whole and clean to the designated spots and report to the reception that you are back.

P.S. If you paddle 4 days on Klarälven you might paddle the northern route, which ends in Björkebo. In this case you return your equipment there.