Travel description

Day 1

At 14:00 we meet outside the Torsby motor museum (”Fordonsmuseum”). We give you your equipment and canoe as well as an introduction in canoeing technique, safety and right of public access to nature. You start to paddle right at the meeting point and follow Röjdån northwards, against the current. But actually the current is not strong at all (except at high water levels), as dams regulate the river. You camp at night according to the rules of public access to nature. Show respect for animals and people along the river.

Day 2-4

From Torsby you paddle along the beautiful Röjdån valley. It is mostly cultivated lands with small fields and pastures and deep forests on the hills in the background. There are two short land transports, so short you don’t even need a canoe trolley. The island in lake Kläggen is a real highlight, where local enthusiasts have build wind shelters and fireplaces. From lake Kläggen you paddle back to Torsby.

Day 4

As you reach the starting point at the motor museum again you clean the canoe and the rented equipment before you return it at an appointed time.