Travel description

Day 1

At 14:00 we meet outside the Torsby motor museum (”Fordonsmuseum”). We give you an introduction in i.a. canoeing technique, safety and right of public access to nature. After that we transport you and your equipment to the starting point, right after the Norwegian border, app. 40 minutes by car. There we unload your equipment and canoe(s) and you start to paddle.

Day 2-4

You paddle self-guided and enjoy the nature around you. The first part of the tour is on a narrow river, interchanging with small lakes. At low water levels you might need to step out of the canoe to pull it across a few shallow, narrow spots. You camp at night according to the rules of public access to nature. Show respect for animals and people along the river!

Day 4

At lake Skallbergssjön the tour ends and you clean the canoe and the rented equipment. We pick you up at a defined spot at an appointed time and drive you back to Torsby.