Svartälven 4 and 7 days

7 days (ca 75 km) or 4 days (ca 40 km)

Starting on the border of the County Dalarna in eastern Värmland, the river Svartälven is one of our best canoeing waters. The river runs south through vast areas of outstanding natural beauty. From its startingpoint the canoe tour on Svartälven is very varied. In places the river does become very narrow, although after passing into the winding river Tvärälven, the tour continues into a number of smaller lakes. This tour also requires about 10 land crossings and on all but one you can use the canoe-wheels. The longest land transport is about 2 km. (The 4 days tour just has two land crossings but none is long and you can always use the canoe-wheels.)

As the tour starts and ends att different places the local transports between start, finish and our canoe-center in Gunnerud are included but you will paddle on your own. If you didn't arrive by public bus you will leave your car at our center during the tour. This canoe-tour is very suitable for families. It is even possible to do this tour in two weeks! Experience canoeing at its very best!