Travel description

Day 1: Arrival

We meet at our centre in Gunnerud between 13:00 and 14:00 on the date stated on your booking confirmation. Upon arrival you check in at our reception and receive the rented equipment. There you can even buy a fishing permit, mosquito repellent, a T-shirt or other things in our simple shop.

Please remember that you might want to pack some of your luggage in the waterproof barrel and bag that is part of the basic equipment. For this reason it is smart not to arrive last minute!

Day 1: Information and transport

At 14:00 we gather all guests going on the same tour for a briefing about canoeing technique, safety and the public access to nature. After that we load your equipment in the bus that will bring you to the starting point of your canoe tour, which is 1-1,5 hours drive. Saturdays we transport guests for both 4 days and 7 days-trips. Therefore we go via Västra Sundsjön to Tyfors (7 days) and to Gustavström (4 days). The 4 days-trips on Tuesdays are starting from Lesjöfors.

Day 1: Launching

At the starting point we unload your equipment together and you receive your canoe(s). Either you decide to stay at this spot or you start to paddle down the river for a while and look out for a spot for the night, following the rules of the right of public access to nature - Don't disturb, don't destroy!

Day 2-4 resp. 2-7: On the river

You paddle according to the route description and decide yourselves how far to paddle every day. Small signs show you where to take up the canoe if you have to get round a power station or to change from one river or lake to another. If they are hard to find, check the route description for help.

Enjoy the simple life! Take a break along the shore and stretch your legs from time to time! Making a campfire or cooking coffee on your camping stove often gives the best memories.

Day 4 resp. 7: Finish

At the end point you clean your canoe and other rented equipment. We come to pick you up at defined places at a certain time. If you are paddling the 7 days you finish at Västra Sundsjön. Are you doing the 4 days-trip you finish either in Lesjöfors or Gustavström. We transport you and your equipment back to Gunnerud where you return everything whole and clean.