Nature Break

All of us need a break in the Nature! Give yourself the opportunity to learn more about beavers (nature´s own architects). They are powerful animals, felling and gnawing trees with their strong teeth and powerful jaws even though the beavers in Klarälven mostly burrow in the banks of the river. Book our Nature Break and you will have a good chance to see the beaver in it´s true environment.

This wilderness package also gives you the opportunity to be architects for some hours, building your own timber raft of logs and ropes and slowly glide down on the Klarälven river. The timber raft trip is sometimes really relaxing and you just drift down the river. At times, your full attention will be needed to avoid trees that are hanging out over the river or eddies. An experience you will never forget!

If you´d like to, you can take the opportunity to do a hike in the nature reserve Fäntjärnskogen or do a shorter trip on the trail "Värnäsleden"

Accommodation in our newly renovated cabins at Klarälvens Camping.