About the package

Day 1: Thursday

Check in from 3 pm in your cottage at Klarälvens Camping, about 2 hours drive north of Karlstad. At 6.00 pm (July, in August 5 pm), meeting for Beaver Safari at the reception. Learn all about the life of the beaver! We paddle in rubber boats and make a stop along the river to make a fire, grill sausages and make coffee/tea. During this stop we will also tell you more about the beaver. After the break, when the sun starts to set, we slowly paddle down the river to watch for beavers. When we are back at the camping (around 11 pm), you help us getting the boat out of the water and we will take the drivers back to the starting point to pick up your vehicle. 


Day 2: Friday

At 09.30 am or 3 pm meeting at the river. We give you information about the timber raft trip and how to build the raft. You build your own timber raft of logs and ropes. The raft will be 3 x 3 meter. When the raft is ready, you moor it to the shore. You drive (one person/car) your car to the end destination. Our instructor will come along and transport the driver back to Klarälvens Camping. You stay the night in the cabin.

Upon arrival we will let you know which time you will build your raft.



Day 3: Saturday

You choose when you want to start your trip on the river. Bring food for the day and clothes which suits the weather. You will finish the tour in Björkebo on the east side of the river. You give back the equipment and dismantle the raft. You drive your own car back to Klarälvens Camping.


Day 4: Sunday

You clean the cabin and check-out no later than 11 am.