Description of the package Hiking


Day 1: Halgåleden

You travel from the south by car and aim to do a hike in “Brattfallet”, located about 25 km south of Klarälvens Camping. The trail “Halgåleden” at Brattfallet is approximately 7km. In the area you will find a gorge and a waterfall, but above all you can see how the forces of nature shaped the landscape from the ice age until today. There are also shorter trails in the area around the gorge, if you don’t want to walk the longer distance.

You can read more about the trails here.

After the hike, you drive to Klarälvens Camping and check-in to your cabin. Klarälvens Camping is located about 140km north of Karlstad and about 40km northeast of Torsby, near the intersection of road E45/62.


Day 2: Fänstjärnsskogen

The nature reserve “Fänstjärnsskogen” is situated about 8km from Klarälvens Camping. This nature reserve is considered one of the most valuable natural forest areas in the whole of Central Sweden. Here you can discover traces of forest fires that took place more than 200 years ago or admire the 600-year-old pine tree. A large number of threatened species can be found within the reserve. Here you can do an approx. 5km hike on a well-marked trail. Just outside the reserve there is also an old hut where it is perfect to rest and eat your packed lunch.

In the evening, maybe a wood-heated sauna on Klarälvens Camping  would be a good fit? Please specify the day you would like the sauna when you make the booking.


Day 3: Fämtån

After a good night’s sleep, it’s time for the third stage. On this day we recommend you to do a hike around “Fämtån”. Femtån is a tributary that empties into the river Klarälven about 15km north of Klarälvens Camping. Here you will find dramatic nature and cascading waterfalls where the river has cut its way into the mountain and formed a long gorge. A hiking trail starting at the waterfall “Femtåfallet” leads up and down the gorge on each side of the river connected by two bridges. The hike is about 8,5km long. If the temperature permits, it is exciting to swim in the small natural pool that has formed at the end of the waterfall. 

You can read more about the hiking trail here.

After the hike, maybe you want to do a shorter canoe trip on the river Klarälven? You paddle upstream from Klarälvens Camping and back. Tell the reception the day before you want to paddle.


Day 4: Hovfjället

You clean the cabin and check out no later than 11:00. Now you drive west to “Hovfjället”. Hovfjället nature reserve has three hiking trails between 3.7km – 12km. They are all quality assured hiking trails by “Värmlandsleder”. The upper parts of the mountain are dominated by lichen- and heather-rich outcrops with low, windswept pines. In the lower lying areas there are spruce forests and marshlands. Many places offer a panoramic view of the landscape.

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