By public transport

From all the major cities such as Gothenburg, Stockholm, Copenhagen or Oslo, you can go by train or bus to Karlstad. Then you can choose an option and buy your ticket at: SJ (train), Flixbus or Bus4you.

By bus from Karlstad

From Karlstad you go by bus 600 from the bus station. Take the bus heading to Värnäs. Get more information at Värmlandstrafik. Tell the bus driver that you want to get off at the bus stop "Gunnerudsgården", otherwise you might just pass by! At weekends, the buses don't go all the way to Gunnerud. They just go to the bus stop called ”Sjögränd”, 4 km south of Gunnerud. Let us know in advance if you arrive by bus to Sjögränd, then we can arrange a taxi. 

From the bus stop in Gunnerud

From the bus stop in Gunnerud, walk southwards along road 62 (against the direction the bus is travelling) and turn left at the sign Vildmark i Värmland, approximately 100 metres from the bus stop. Follow the gravel road 400 metres down to our centre.

By car

If you driving to Gunnerud from the south, the easiest way is to go by Karlstad. Follow road 62 about 95 km. At the small village Edebäck you will pass a bridge over the river Klarälven. About 700 meters after the bridge you turn right (the first road to the right after the bridge). There is a sign at the road “Vildmark i Värmland”. Follow the gravel road about 500 meters and you have reached the destination.  To find direction, look for example on Google Maps