Basic outdoor course

This will be a short basic outdoor course which is open for you who have booked a longer (at least 4 days) timber raft or a canoe trip with us. This course will help those, who have less experience of being outdoors, to be more comfortable in spending some days out in the nature. Or if you just want to refresh your knowledge about outdoor life.

The course will include:
1)    How to make fire
2)    How to stay overnight in the nature (toilet, tent, ”public access to the nature – allemansrätt”)
3)    How to keep you warm, dry and satisfied when you are outside all day and night
4)    You will practice to paddle canoe
5)    You will use your kitchen (or the one rented from us) to make coffe or tea

Meeting: Sundays from 17/6 to 19/8 2018
Meeting place: Our center in Gunnerud
Time: 09.30-12.30
Language: English
Price: SEK 350/adult and SEK 175/child 3-15 years.

If you want to come to Gunnerud the day before (Saturday), we don´t charge you for this extra night. If you have rented the equipment from us, this will be handed out one day earlier with no extra cost (except provision!).

NOTE! This course is just open for those who have booked a longer trip with timber raft or canoe with Vildmark i Värmland.