Cancellation insurance

Here is a brief summary of the cancellation insurance. If you would like the full description, please have a look here!

NOTE! This is only for private persons. For groups you find the conditions here!

Cancellation: In the event of cancellation, or change of arrival day, an administration fee of SEK 200 per adult and SEK 100 per child will be charged. Cancellation must take place no later than 31 days before the date of departure. If the holiday is cancelled within 30 days of the date of arrival, the following penalties will be incurred: 30 days - 15 days before arrival: 30 % of the tour price. 14 days - 8 days before departure: 50 % of the tour price. Within 7 days before departure: full cost of the holiday. 

Cancellation insurance: This can be taken out at the time of booking and provides individual insurance against cancellation costs if the holiday must be cancelled for any reasons given in section a or b. The arrangement or the cottage (if a cottage is a part of the arrangement) must not be accepted according to the times specified for the respective arrangements for cancellation insurance to apply. The traveller may either be refunded the cost of the holiday less the administration fee and the cancellation insurance fee, or may be offered an identical or similar holiday with us at a later date, but no later than the following season (does not apply to single person in a group). Certificates from doctors or insurance companies must be presented within 10 days. 
a) Serious illness, accident or death affecting the traveller or a close relative, or if a person with whom the traveller has jointly booked the holiday cancels it for any of the above reasons. 
b) Any other event that affects the traveller which was unforseeable at the time of booking and is of such a nature that the traveller could not be reasonably expected to make the journey, e g. fire at home.

Covid-19! If the cancellation is Covid-19 related and cancellation insurance is taken out at the time of booking, the guest may change the date to a later one during the current season or next season at no additional cost and without presenting a doctor's certificate.