Your guide to the multi-day raft adventures

This is how our multi-day timber raft tours work
Whether you are a family, a school class, part of a corporate team or a group of friends, the timber rafting tours are unique experiences that create life long memories. We offer a range of tours, from single day trips to multi-day adventures. Learn more about our 4 day and 7 day tours here.


Easy and well-planned

We provide you with all the necessary equipment and information, leaving you free to focus solely on the experience. In addition to the basic equipment (which always includes a canoe), you can rent kitchen equipment, tent and sleeping bags. The first night you stay in your own or rented tent in Gunnerud. The camp offers basic facilities like hot water for dishes, drinking water, outhouse and bath in the river. Just to get in the right mode before the tour…


Master of your own house

Travelling on the raft you have built yourselves adds an extra dimension to your experience. Our experienced instructors are ready to help you.


On the river at last

The journey on the raft allows time for discussion and socialising that you often do not have time for in everyday life. But as well as just enjoying the beautiful surroundings, be prepared for both calm and intense periods on board. Below the water’s surface there is plenty of sand and occasionally stones that you may not see until you are stuck….


Tom Sawyer, here we come!

From time to time, things happen that involve the entire crew. It might be backwaters, a fish that bites or something else exciting along the river.


Go ashore

There are plenty of reasons to make stops and go ashore along the river: an ice cream, an attraction or a short hike in the beautiful surroundings are a few suggestions. However, it is not certain that you will have time for so many excursions depending on the water level and the speed of the water at the time you travel. Sometimes you need to spend full days on the raft.


The best food is that cooked outdoors

Many of our guests specifically mention cooking outdoors as something special. For our longer timber raft trips, we offer provisions package with ingredients for the entire trip that you cook yourself. You can also bring your own food or buy/top up at one of the local stores you pass along the way. You cook the food in a hurricane stove (which is included in the kitchen equipment you can rent from us) and it is possible to make amazingly good dishes with relatively simple means. Perhaps the best spice of all is cooking outdoors.


Long summer evening camps

We recommend overnight camps on land, but it is also possible to stay overnight on board. The bright summer evenings in Sweden contribute to the atmosphere. Remember to consider the Right of Public Access to the countryside when you camp so that you don´t disturb anyone else or pith your tent at an inappropriate site.


Wildlife and nature along the river

The river Klarälven is rich in wildlife and the entire route for the timber raft trip is a so-called “Natura 2000” area, which marks particularly valuable natural areas. The beaver has its huts and dens along long stretches of the river, and if you are lucky you can come across elk and deer that seek the water to drink. There are also plenty of seabirds and high in the sky you may see a buzzard or some other bird of prey sail by.

Vildmark Varmland 16

Dismantling the raft

Upon arrival at your final destination, you dismantle your raft according to our instructions. Since you built it with special loops/knots, this process is relatively quick and easy. The last stop is located right by the car park


Environmentally friendly, safe and secure

Vildmark i Värmland is eco-labelled and quality assured in accordance with TourQuality. Throughout the trip, you have the opportunity to contact us for support between 07:00 and 22:00. We have over 40 years of experience in developing and refining the experience for you.