Route description

Day 1: Check-in/information

Meeting at Klarälvens Camping in Stöllet, where you check in to your cabin from 2.30 pm. Please note that it takes approx. 2 hours drive from Karlstad to Klarälvens Camping. At 3 pm there is a meeting at the riverside where the adventure starts with an introduction and information about the adventure. You also get information on how to steer the timber raft, how to get free from tricky sandbanks and stones – small adventures that might happen while you are on the river – and of course how to get to land again. We’ll also have a look at the map and the route you’re going to take.

Day 1: At the building site

While the information is being given, you start building your own timber raft, using only logs and ropes. The logs you are using are gathered in piles at the riverside, from where you have to roll or carry them to the water. The raft itself must be constructed in the water – when this is done, the size will be 3x3 metres and the weight almost a tonne. An experienced instructor will be on hand at the building site. One raft can accommodate six adults, but you have to be at least two adults. To both build and manoeuvre the raft on the river requires a fairly large amount of physical effort from you, so it helps if you are a few people.

Day 1: After building the raft

When you are ready, you moor the raft to the shore and drive your car to the end point of the timber raft tour. You park the car and go with our transport back to Klarälvens Camping (it is just the driver who needs to do this). In the evening, you are welcome to rent our wood-heated sauna, use the barbecue facilities and grill something delicious. You can also try your luck at fishing or just relax after some hours of hard work. Overnight stay in your cabin.


Overnight stay in cabin at Klarälvens Camping.

Day 2: On the river

You choose yourselves at what time you want to start the timber raft tour, but you have to clean the cabin and check out latest by 11 am (if you have not added another night in the cottage to your booking). Bring clothing suitable for the weather conditions. The current makes the raft go forward, but be prepared to use your paddles and pole. Sometimes it is really relaxing and you just drift down the river. Sometimes your full attention will be needed to avoid trees that are hanging out over the river or eddies. Shortly before you reach the final destination, you need to paddle the raft out of the current. When doing this, it is very important that all participants on the raft are working together.

Day 2: Finish the tour

The timber raft tour ends in Björkebo, on the eastern bank of Klarälven. Here you will bring the items of equipment to their allotted places and dismantle the raft. When you're finished, you let the logs float into the timber trap in Björkebo.