Exclusive timber raft

Adventure and relaxation in an exclusive context

Have you ever felt that you don't have enough time to share with your family, friends, the ones you care about? If the answer is yes, let us solve that problem for you and at the same time offer you an outstanding outdoor experience and adventure where you are gathered on a timber raft you have built yourselves.

Apart from the natural beauty and the fact that you will experience an ecotourism adventure listed as one of National Geographic's “50 Tours of a Lifetime”, you will get time to live in the present. You will have experiences and create memories to share with your loved ones for a long time.

Under the supervision of your guide, you will build your own stable and safe timber raft from logs and rope. As soon as the raft is ready, you start the tour and the slow current will take you down the river Klarälven. The speed is not more than 1-2 knots, but the journey will never get boring. You go with the pace of the river and the scenery slowly passes by, but you need to keep track of what is happening on the river. Suddenly sandbanks, eddies, stones or trees hanging out over the river require your attention and call for action and teamwork. It is hard work and relaxation at the same time.

You spend the days outdoors on the raft and the night in a cosy cabin, except for the first and the last night when the accommodation will be at a hotel. A guide will be present during the entire time when you build your raft and when you are on the river (the guide will follow the raft in a canoe and will be on hand whenever you need assistance).

If you value the time to be with your loved ones, are curious to have a unique nature experience and appreciate the convenience of served meals and a good bed, this will definitely be the adventure for you!