Route description

Day 1, Thursday

From 3 p.m, you check in at the Sahlströmsgårdens hotel in Torsby. In the evening, your instructor from Vildmark i Värmland will meet you at the hotel and tell you about the arrangement. 

Dinner in the evening at the hotel is included in the package.

Day 2, Friday

After breakfast, at 9.00 a.m., we transport you to the building site in Branäs. On the shore, you will find piles with logs and boxes with ropes, the only materials you need to build a stable timber raft. The raft will be built in the water and your experienced instructor will give you a hand. Sometime in the afternoon you are ready to start the tour on the river. Your instructor will follow in a canoe to assist you on/with the raft if you need any help. The first day on the raft you go for about 3 hours from Branäs to Likenäs, where you paddle the raft to the shore. You moor the raft and we transport you to a cosy cottage nearby, where you spend the night. Dinner will be served in the evening.

Day 3, Saturday

After breakfast around 8 a.m. we pick you up and take you back to your raft. You spend the whole day on the raft, slowly drifting down the river. The average speed of the river, and the raft, is approximately 2 km/h, sometimes a little slower or faster depending on the water level. Along your way, you need to keep track and watch out for sandbanks, eddies and stones that suddenly show up. Your instructor will give you a hand when preparing lunch, which you eat while rafting. In the evening, you moor the raft and we transport you back to the cosy cottage nearby, where you will be served dinner and spend the night.

Day 4, Sunday:

This day you wake up early and experience the countryside that slowly comes to life. We start the day with a hike around the Klarälven's wonderful tributary, Femtån. Your instructor will guide you during the hike. After this morning walk, we take you back to the raft and you continue your timber raft tour. Today also, the instructor will be close to you on the river in a canoe and give you a hand when you need it. This evening you will arrive by raft at your cottage. Dinner will be waiting for you in the cottage and afterwards you have the opportunity to enjoy our wood-heated sauna down at the river (you will have had a long day, so you can decide what time you would like to start the next day).

Day 5, Monday:

After breakfast, you continue the timber raft trip to the finish in Björkebo, which is just 4-5 hours away, enriched by an outdoor experience that you will never forget! You dismantle the raft and give back the equipment before we arrange the transfer for you back to the hotel Sahlströmsgården. Dinner is waiting for you at the hotel in the evening.

Day 6, Tuesday:

After breakfast at the hotel, you check out.