Timber raft 5 days - unforgettable adventure

The unforgettable adventure

Build your own raft from logs and ropes and float down the river Klarälven in Värmland. This will be an adventure and an experience you will never forget!

During your timber raft tour, you are certain to have some memorable and occasionally exhilarating experiences. If you like spending your time outdoors and don’t fear a trip not planned every second - and for which you will have to do physical hard work – this timber raft tour will suit you very well.

As well as floating down the river every day, of course you also have time to go ashore and re-supply, but don´t expect other excursions along the river. The timber raft will be your "home".

The rafting conditions are determined by the current water level and this, just like the weather and the wind, will greatly affect this way to travel. For example, if the water level is low, you need to spend your days from morning to evening out on the river on your raft. It is a journey where all hands and good ideas will be needed because you will meet sandbanks, stones, backwaters, trees, etc. It is adventurous and relaxing at the same time. It is all about cooperation - you do it together.