Route description

Day 1: Meeting and information

From 3 p.m check in to your cabin at Klarälvens Camping (about 2 hours north of Karlstad). At 5 p.m. you will meet the instructor from Vildmark i Värmland at the riverside. We will tell you about the arrangement and teach you how to build your own timber raft, just using logs and rope. You will receive information about the wildlife and the public access to the countryside. We introduce you to the speciality "Kolbullare", which you prepare over open fire in the evening.

Day 2: Building the raft and setting sail

After breakfast, we transport you to the building site. On the shore you will find piles of logs and just using those logs and rope you will build a stable timber raft. The raft will be built in the water. If you need it, an experienced instructor will give you a hand. Sometime in the afternoon, you will be ready to start your adventure on the river. You will go on your own, but we will meet you where you camp. After a few hours, you have to paddle the raft out of the flow of the river to the shore, where our instructor will meet you. Here we have prepared the camp and a barbeque dinner.

Day 3: On the river

We will be in the camp in the morning to serve breakfast. You pack your personal equipment on the raft and set off in the morning. We take care of the tent. You spend the whole day on the raft, slowly drifting on the river. You will have time to enjoy the landscape, but you also have to watch out for sandbanks, eddies and stones which may suddenly show up! This night you will arrive at your cottage at Klarälvens Camping again. Dinner is waiting for you in your cottage. After this, you have time for relaxing and enjoying the sauna down by the river.

Day 4: Finish and dismantling

You continue the timber raft trip to the final destination in Björkebo, which is just 4-5 hours away. You dismantle the raft and return the rented equipment. Filled with an experience that you will never forget, you go back home or continue travelling in beautiful Sweden.