Unique wilderness accommodation

Can you hear the bubbling of the rapids? Can you see the flames from the open fire? Can you sense the taste of blueberries and the smell of the forest? Let the tranquility envelop you and enjoy the wilderness which surrounds you.

Eden Wilderness Village offers wilderness living from morning to night.

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Wilderness experiences in Sweden

Sweden's forests, lakes, rivers and mountains offer outstanding opportunities for rich and varied outdoor activities. Our country stretches through several climatic zones, which gives each part its own specific flora, fauna and landscape - from the magnificent mountains and marshes in the north to the rolling countryside in the south.

Few places can, however, offer as many varied opportunities for experiences in nature as Värmland. This forested county, with its magical lakes, the mighty river Klarälven, winding forest rivers, blue mountains and Lake Vänern with its archipelago, forms a miniature Sweden. Here, with its unforgettable experiences in nature, is where timber rafting on the River Klarälven offers something special. Come and experience the wilderness in Värmland!