With car, train or bus

From Stockholm to Klarälvens Camping by car

Take the E18 towards Oslo/Karlstad. In Karlstad take road 62 towards Trysil. Klarälvens Camping is approximately 140 km north of Karlstad, right north of the village Stöllet. At the crossing of roads 62 and E45 turn left and take E45 towards Göteborg/ Torsby for app. 300 metres. Sign Klarälvens Camping at the road.

From Gothenburg to Klarälvens Camping by car

Take E45 towards Karlstad. Just after Grums, E45 goes off to the left, follow E45 towards Mora and pass by Sunne and Torsby. In Vägsjöfors E45 turns off to the right towards Stöllet/Mora. Follow E45 to the river Klarälven, cross the bridge over the river, then take the first right. Sign Klarälvens Camping.

Public transportation

If you go by public transport take aim at Karlstad, the transport node in Värmland. But please be aware that you can buy your ticket to the destination Värnäs(Q8) from all larger cities in Sweden even if you have to change to bus/ train in Karlstad. From Gothenburg you can go by train or bus to Karlstad. From Stockholm you can go by by train, bus or flight, and from Copenhagen you can take the train or bus. From Oslo you reach Karlstad by bus or train.

You can also reach Karlstad by flight from Frankfurt.

Bus from Karlstad to Klarälvens Camping

The bus station in Karlstad is approximately 400 m. from the railway station. To get to Klarälvens Camping you take the bus 600 from Karlstad and get off at the Värnäs/Q8 stop. From the stop you  cross road 62 and walk along the path past the little fishpond to the camping site. The camping site can be seen from the stop.

Please note! On weekends the buses don't go all the way to Värnäs/ Klarälvens Camping! If you want to go to Klarälvens Camping during weekends you have to take the train from Karlstad to Torsby first and then the bus from Torsby towards the Klarälven valley and the busstop "Värnäs(Q8)".


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