How to get here


The meeting place, Gunnerud, is a small village about 100 km north of Karlstad in Värmland. Note! There are many locations called "Gunnerud" in Värmland. Make sure that you choose the right one. "Our" Gunnerud is situated in 683 61 Ekshärad, the municipality is Hagfors. You will go to Gunnerud if you have booked a longer timber raft trip (5 or 8 days) or a canoe trip on the river Klarälven, Svartälven or Bergslagen.  

The nearest supermarket is in Råda about 7 km south of Gunnerud. More shops and restaurants are located in Hagfors centre, 12 km south east of Gunnerud, and in Ekshärad, 12 km north of Gunnerud.

Our centre in Gunnerud is very simply equipped. It is close to the river with green spaces to pitch your tent, fireplaces and outhouses. You can also park your car here. Our camping ground in Gunnerud is only for booked guests. 

Klarälvens Camping

For those of you who have booked a timber rafting trip 1 day, 2 days, 2 nights or timber raft "all-inclusive", the destination is Klarälvens Camping, which is situated 45 km north of Gunnerud. 

The nearest supermarket is located in Stöllet, about 2 km south of the camping site.


Torsby is situated about 100 km north of Karlstad, in north-west Värmland. Here our canoe trips on Rottnan and Röjdån start, and Vildmark i Värmland's office is also located in Torsby. 

NOTE! If you are travelling by public transport, aim for Karlstad as your first destination on your journey to us. Karlstad is the hub of Värmland and is well worth a visit.