Kick off your shoes, throw away your socks and walk barefoot in the grass. Sit back and immerse yourself in the beauty of Värmland’s nature.This fantastic region offers a diverse landscape filled with both adventure and peaceful moments. Nature is never far away, thanks to the river Klarälven, which winds through the entire area before emptying into Lake Vänern. What could be better than staying at our campsite, situated right along the river’s shore?

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Would you like a change of scenery?


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At our campsite the borders to the neighbours are not strictly marked, the grass is filled colourful dandelions, the birches start to provide shadow and the water in the river is cool and clear. Here you can simply ”be” or you can over several weeks in the summertime take part in different activities offered by Vildmark i Värmland like timber raft tours, canoeing, beaver safaris, etc. In the fall, Klarälvens Camping is perfectly situated near the forest with berries and mushrooms. In winter, many people extend their winter holidays by staying one night on the way to the mountains. It is only two hours to the ski resorts in Sälen and Trysil.

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Vildmarksbyn Eden is a unique wilderness residence in the middle of the forest. Can you hear the sound of the river, see the flames of the fire, feel the taste of blueberries and smell the forest? Relax and enjoy the tranquility of the wilderness that surrounds you. Vildmarksbyn Eden offers outdoor life from morning to night.

What our guests say about us

Small cabins with what you need for a night. Fresh.
Klarälvens Camping
Would definitely recommend and would love to visit again 🙂
Vildmarksbyn Eden
Everything we needed for one night, good alternative to an overnight stay, the cottages are best suited in spring, summer and autumn.
Klarälvens Camping
The forest is so tranquill, and the common are is cozy, wonderful if you enjoy the outdoors!
Vildmarksbyn Eden
Good to have your own shower in the cabin!
Klarälvens Camping
Wow amazing. Forget the searches you did on the internet stay here. Very special.
Vildmarksbyn Eden
Nice beds but difficult to get up to the upper bed.
Klarälvens Camping
Would be nice with extra pillows.
Klarälvens Camping
Comfortable overnight stay and good service via telephone.
Klarälvens Camping
Can we bring the dog to Klarälvens Camping?

Dogs are welcome to Klarälvens Camping. The dog must be leashed in the area and consideration must be shown for other guests and staff at Klarälvens Camping.

Can you charge the car at the campsite?

Unfortunately, we do not have a charging station at Klarälvens Camping. You can charge the car approx. 300 m from the campsite at the road E45/62 junction.

Do we have to clean the cabin?

If you do not add final cleaning to your booking, you clean yourself before departure. In the cabin there are instructions on what we expect from a cleaning. You will find cleaning equipment in the cabin.

Is there food at the campsite?

Unfortunately, we do not have a restaurant or café at Klarälvens Camping. About 300 m from the campsite you will find Mac45, a gas station with fast food and lunch specials. Feel free to ask us at the reception for additional suggestions for restaurants and cafés a little further away.

What can you do at the campsite?

Klarälvens Camping is located next to the river Klarälven, where you can go for a swim. In the area we have a wood-heated sauna that you can rent, as well as a playground and plenty of space for play and games. When the reception is open, you also have access to the assembly room where there is a TV. There are several fireplaces in the area, feel free to ask us for a grill to borrow. You can fish in the river Klarälven or in the lake right next to the campsite (Put and take). Note! Fishing license required. Of course, you can also book one of our activities subject to availability. Ask at reception for timber raft trips, canoe trips or beaver safari.

Are we all alone in Vildmarksbyn Eden?

Vildmarksbyn Eden has room for a maximum of 3 parties at the same time, consisting of a maximum of 5 people each. All booked guests have access to common areas such as the communal cabin, sauna and outdoor kitchen. Subject to availability, you also have the option of booking the entire facility.

When you arrive you will meet our hostess, who will show you around and give you all the necessary information. She shows and tells you everything you must think about when cooking, washing dishes, etc. and you can of course ask questions. When you are familiar with how everything works, you continue your stay on your own.

Can I bring a dog to Vildmarksbyn?

Absolutely, we think it’s fantastic that your dog come along on the wilderness experience. What is important is that the dog is on a leash or under constant supervision as there are plenty of wild animals in the area.

As a visitor, you of course pick up poo after your dog and ensure that it does not disturb other guests at the facility.

Can you drink the water at Vildmarksbyn?

There is no running water in Vildmarksbyn Eden. You fetch water from the river or bring water yourself. You can choose to boil the water before drinking it, but it is fine to use the water in the river for cooking and washing up. Dishwashing detergent is available in the outdoor kitchen.

Camping, caravan, mobile home, tent, cabin, wilderness hut

When planning your vacation in Värmland, you have several accommodation options to choose from: Vildmarksbyn Eden (wilderness village), where you stay in rustic wilderness huts, which is a unique experience in itself. Klarälvens Camping, which is at the doorstep of many different adventures in nature. For a truly immersive experience, consider staying in a tent. If you plan to go timber rafting or canoeing during your stay, tents are a great way to fully embrace the beauty and tranquility of Värmland’s natural landscapes during your vacation.