Things to do

Klarälvens Camping is perfectly located for access to a variety of activities and experiences in the beautiful surroundings of Värmland. In addition to the activities offered by Vildmark i Värmland, which you can read more about below, there are hiking trails, good fishing spots, cultural and historic sights and natural wonders including waterfalls and ravines. 

You can discover the small villages along the Klarälven valley and enjoy the local handicraft shops flee markets, food and other regional specialities.


Beaver safari

Every Thursday evening, we start for a tour down the mighty river Klarälven and watch for beavers. We make a stop along the way and make coffee and grill something to eat over an open fire. You find dates and prices here…

Note! You must book in advance.


Timber raft 1 day

Experience Värmland from the river Klarälven and let the river decide the speed. You float down the river Klarälven on your raft of logs that you have built yourselves. You find dates and prices here…

Note! You must book in advance.


Canoe- or kayak rental

Every day of the week, depending on the availability on site, you can rent a Canadian canoe or sit-on-top-kayak and make your own tour on river Klarälven. You start paddling against the current, then turn around and glide back to Klarälvens camping. If we have staff available, we might even be able to offer at transport to a starting point north of the campsite, so you paddle back south. You can also rent canoe or sit-on-top kayak in Torsby to make your own tour for example on the river Röjdån which is a smaller river compared to Klarälven.

You can read more about the shorter canoe trips here…

Note! You must book in advance.


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By the water, we have a wood-fired sauna that you can rent. You book it at the reception or contact our office. The price includes a sack of wood. You heat the sauna yourself.

Ekshärads kyrka


The church of Norra Ny, just south of Klarälvens Camping, is a wooden church erected in 1764. The church houses relics from the 13th century, a time when pilgrims walked through Klarälvdalen on their way to St Olof’s grave in Nidaros (Trondheim), Norway. Other interesting churches are Dalby church, situated approximately 35 km north of the Camping and Ekshärad church, approximately 30 km south of the Camping. Dalby Church is famous for having Sweden’s highest wooden church tower, which is 60 meters high. Ekshärad church is particularly well-known for the crosses with forged leaves which mark the graves. When the wind blows you can hear the sound of the many hundreds of leaves.


Pilgrimstapeten (Pilgrims´tapestry)

The Klarälven valley is a living countryside where the villages are situated at regular intervals. Homestead museums can be found in Ekshärad, Hagfors, Kärnåsen south of Råda, Torsby and Ransby. In Ransby there is also Utmarksmuseet, where you can admire the 40 meter-long Pilgrims’ tapestry, an embroidered hanging whose tens of thousands of stitches represent a fantastic pictorial description of the pilgrims route from lake Vänern to St Olof’s grave in Nidaros (Trondheim), Norway. The tapestry was made by several women from northern Värmland and the Norwegian region Solör, just across the border.



The Klarälven valley is a vibrant area, with villages dotting the landscape at regular intervals. This mix of old and new creates a unique character, where modern grocery stores stand alongside charming country stores with a more traditional feel.
As you explore the valley, you’ll come across various homesteads and settlements, including Dalby, Ekshärad, Hagfors, Kärnåsen in Västra Skymnäs, and Kollsberg in Torsby. These communities offer a glimpse into the local way of life. During the summer months, the valley comes alive with a variety of community events and activities. You may stumble upon local markets, outdoor performances, and cozy cafes, all of which provide an opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of the region.



A real cultural treasure right outside of Torsby is the exhibition at Sahlströmsgården. The former farm also comprises a nice handicraft shop, a gallery, a hotel and restaurant. It is open every day, for business hours and guided tours see the actual schedule at:

2 km from Sahlströmsgården you can find Bovilgården, where the Swedish artist Bo Vilson, alias Bovil, lived and worked. For opening hours se:




Fänstjärnskogen [Fänstjärn Forest] is a nature reserve approximately 8 km east of Klarälvens Camping. The area offers fantastic old growth forest, which is considered to be among the most valuable in Middle-Sweden due to its long continuity with low level of forestry activities. The forest and its old trees i.e. show traces of forest fires long ago. A large number of threatened species, like mosses and lichens or different bird species, thrive within the nature reserve. The area is accessible by good paths and hiking routes. Just outside the reserve there is also an old log-drivers’ cabin, which is a perfect place to take a break and eat your packed lunch.


Top of the Branäs mountain

There are plenty of areas of natural beauty. Klarälven itself, with its imposing meanders, naturally constitutes a significant part of the landscape. To get a fantastic view of the valley, you can go up to the top of the hill Branäsberget, approximately 45 km north of Klarälvens Camping. You can get to the top by road or using the hiking path.

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A lovely place to visit is the river Fämtån, approximately 20 km north of Klarälvens Camping. A few kilometres from road 62, Fämtån runs through a deep ravine, and before flowing into Klarälven it plunges downhill as a fine waterfall. There is a nice hiking trail, about 8 – 10 km long, which offers fantastic views.



Brattfallet is another gem, approximately 25 km south of Klarälvens Camping, where you can find a clearly marked, narrow ravine and a waterfall. Several hiking trails offer fine walks in this beautiful area.



Hovfjället nature reserve, approximately 28 km west of Klarälvens Camping, has three hiking trails between 3.7 km – 12 km. They are quality marked by Värmlandsleder. The upper parts of the mountain are dominated by lichen and heather-rich rocky terrain with low, windswept pines. In the lower lying areas, there are spruce forests and bogs. Many places have miles wide views.

The three hikin trails are:
Hovfjället round, 12 km.
Råkullsrundan, 8 km.  Torprundan, 3,7 km. 

You can also hike from the top of Hovfjället to Torsby. A challenge of 27km.


Chocolate factory

The small chocolate manufactory Naturpralinen produces tasty, handmade pralines of best raw materials, completely without preservatives or artificial colours. The berries are from Värmland and in most cases picked in the surroundings by the owner of Naturpralinen. The chocolate is from Valrhona in France. Visit the factory in Sysslebäck, about 40 minutes by car from Klarälvens Camping. In summertime Naturpralinen even opens a café with fantastic homemade ice-cream. For business hours please check:


Torsby Ski Tunnel

Torsby is situated 35 minutes from Klarälvens Camping along road E 45 towards Gothenburg. Torsby is northern Värmland’s central town, offering all different types of service, around 60 shops, an indoor swimming pool combining swimming pool and adventure pool, etc. In Torsby you also have a chance to try cross-country skiing in the middle of the summer! Torsby Ski Tunnel offers the longest ski tunnel in the world. (

In the area by the ski tunnel, there are also nice exercise tracks of different lengths in the forest.



Approximately 35 km south of Torsby (about 1 hour by car) is Sunne with Sunne Vattenland (, a waterpark with breathtaking speed slides as well as pools for small children. Close by Sunne is Rottneros Park (, a popular excursion destination with attractive gardens and an adventure area for smaller children. South of Sunne there is also Selma Lagerlöf’s home Mårbacka (, where guided tours describing this world famous author are available.


Moose park

In Ekshärad, about 30 minutes by car from Klarälvens Camping, Värmlands only Moose park is located. Very competent staff offers guided tours that give you the chance to meet the “King of the forest” closely. See for business hours and guided tours.