Vildmarksbyn Eden

The Vildmarksbyn Eden (Eden Wilderness Village) is situated deep in the forest within a protected woodland area on the edge of the ravine. The surroundings offer enchanting forests, lakes, waterways, and mountains. Here, you can enjoy sleeping in wilderness cabins, cooking over an open fire, hiking in the deep woods, and bathing in a sauna under the starry sky. Some come for relaxation and rejuvenation, others for the adventure of a lifetime. Together in the wilderness, you create memories for life!

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Vildmarksbyn Eden

nest_eco_leaf A total of 15 beds
nest_eco_leaf 3 cabins with wooden sleeping platform, with a total of five beds per cabin
nest_eco_leaf Free parking
nest_eco_leaf No electricity
nest_eco_leaf No running water
nest_eco_leaf No WiFi

When you book a cabin at Vildmarksbyn Eden, you have access to the communal cabin “Björnen”, outhouse, sauna and outdoor kitchen. Wood for heating and cooking, candles/lanterns and matches is included in the price.

  • Booking by phone or online
  • Playground, bathingplace by the river, hiking trails
  • Dogs and other pets are welcome

The unique Vildmarksbyn Eden is located in Gröna Dalen (the green valley), approximately 10 kilometers east of Lysvik in Sunne municipality. Since 1997, it has been a hidden gem deep in the forest. With its simplicity, it invites to relaxation, experiences, and tranquility.

Vildmarksbyn Eden can be booked by a maximum of three small parties simultaneously. If you are a larger group, you can also book the entire village and have it all to yourselves. Celebrate birthdays or Midsummer with us. Arrange an event in the forest or treat your loved one to an unforgettable experience.



In the area there are three sleeping cabins, which are all very similar. We have named them Älgen (the Moose), Tjädern (the Capercaillie) and Orren (the Grouse). In each cabin, there is a wooden sleeping platform with two main beds and a further three beds in each cabin, a total of five beds per cabin. The cabins are constructed in traditional timber style. They are each equipped with wood-burning stove located in the middle of the cabin.



The communal cabin is a beautiful handcrafted octagonal cabin and the gathering place of Vildmarksbyn Eden. We call it The Bear. It is equipped with a fireplace in the center and provides the opportunity to sit dry and warm during rough weather.



Down in the ravine, by the river Björkan which rushes by year-round, you will find the wood-heated sauna. The river flows throughout the year and is ideal for a dip. Ice bathing is an option only during very cold winters.

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You will probably spend much of your time in the outdoor kitchen, outside under the solid roof with a large table and sturdy benches. There are fireplaces where you can prepare food and a “relaxation corner” with a stove under one part of the roof. Next to the outdoor kitchen is a washing up area. 

Are there mosquitoes / gnats at Vildmarksbyn?

Vildmarksbyn Eden is located in the middle of the pine forest with ravines that surround the village. This environment can of course be a habitat for mosquitoes and gnats periodically, but we have relatively little thanks to the fact that the river is in strong motion and that there is a lot of sand in the ground. Our wilderness tip is to prepare by bringing mosquitoes repellant, were covering clothes and to have a fire going (mosquitoes avoid the smoke).

Are we all alone in Vildmarksbyn Eden?

Vildmarksbyn Eden has room for a maximum of 3 parties at the same time, consisting of a maximum of 5 people each. All booked guests have access to common areas such as the communal cabin, sauna and outdoor kitchen. Subject to availability, you also have the option of booking the entire facility.

When you arrive you will meet our hostess, who will show you around and give you all the necessary information. She shows and tells you everything you must think about when cooking, washing dishes, etc. and you can of course ask questions. When you are familiar with how everything works, you continue your stay on your own.

Can I bring a dog to Vildmarksbyn?

Absolutely, we think it’s fantastic that your dog come along on the wilderness experience. What is important is that the dog is on a leash or under constant supervision as there are plenty of wild animals in the area.

As a visitor, you of course pick up poo after your dog and ensure that it does not disturb other guests at the facility.

Can you drink the water at Vildmarksbyn?

There is no running water in Vildmarksbyn Eden. You fetch water from the river or bring water yourself. You can choose to boil the water before drinking it, but it is fine to use the water in the river for cooking and washing up. Dishwashing detergent is available in the outdoor kitchen.

Can you fish near Vildmarksbyn?

Vildmarksbyn Eden is located in the middle of a mecca of fishing lakes & waterways. The fantastic commitment of our local fishing associations has created a rich and exciting fishing area with beautiful places to experience fishing. The lakes have good stocks of perch, pike perch, pike, whitefish, roach and sought-after fish such as trout. In the rivers there are brook trout. Bear in mind that you will need a fishing license, which you can purchase here.

What is included if you book a sleeping cabin at Vildmarksbyn Eden?
  • The accommodation includes the following:
  • Access to a wood-heated sauna
  • A sleeping cabin with a stove
  • A communal cabin,
  • Access to fireplaces
  • Matches and candles
  • Kitchen equipment for cooking over a fire as well as crockery and cutlery
  • Washing possibilities/ washing-up liquid
  • Recycling station for rubbish,
  • Forest paths to hike and fishing lakes to discover.

Prepare for your visit to Vildmarksbyn Eden to fully enjoy your time once you’re there.

What our guests say about us

Would definitely recommend and would love to visit again 🙂
Vildmarksbyn Eden
The forest is so tranquill, and the common are is cozy, wonderful if you enjoy the outdoors!
Vildmarksbyn Eden
Wow amazing. Forget the searches you did on the internet stay here. Very special.
Vildmarksbyn Eden

Prices 2024

Accommodation (SEK)01.05 – 31.0501.06 – 31.0801.09 – 03.11
Sleeping cabin
1 night / max 5 persons
Sleeping cabin
2 nights/ max 5 persons
All of Vildmarksbyn
1 night/ max 15 persons
All of Vildmarksbyn
2 nights/ max 15 persons
Beds Made and Ready400/ bed
Final cleaning500/ cabin
Basket of raw materialsOn request

The sacred place

Oren Lyons – an American professor, Native American chief, and a sought-after speaker, advisor, and inspirer for the UN and governments – is one of Eden’s recurring visitors. He believes that Vildmarskbyn Eden is a place where the body can rest and recharge. Eden is and remains a beautiful place in the wilderness where we want to create memories, reflect, and evolve together. We aim to create an experience where people can gather, see each other, and develop their own relationship with nature.