Environmental policy

Vildmark i Värmland’s most important resources are nature and the surrounding environment, which we and our guests use for activities and creating memorable experiences. Vildmark i Värmland is committed to the long-term sustainable development of the company’s operations. At the heart of our mission is a desire to contribute to a better world that we can pass on to future generations. 

Vildmark i Värmland is committed to constantly improving its operations in a professional manner to prevent and avoid burdening the environment.

Vildmark i Värmland is committed to complying with all applicable environmental legislation, and to doing so with a significant margin of safety.

Vildmark i Värmland must have clear goals for its environmental work and follow up on these goals with regular assessment.

At Vildmark i Värmland, the work towards an improved environment and reduced climate impact is not a separate initiative, but rather a fundamental part of all activities undertaken by our employees.

Vildmark i Värmland´s stakeholders must be regularly informed on the progress towards the sustainability goals and updates to the environmental policy.