Meeting point
Klarälvens Camping

Klarälvens Camping is located about 140km north of Karlstad and about 40km northeast of Torsby, near the intersection of road E45/62. You will go to Klarälvens Camping if you have booked accommodation at Klarälvens Camping or if you have booked a shorter timber raft trip (1 day, 2 days, 2 nights or the package “Timber raft All Inclusive”).

By public transport

From all the major cities such as Gothenburg, Stockholm, Copenhagen or Oslo, you can travel by train or bus to Karlstad, and from there by bus or train/bus to Klarälvens Camping.  

Search on Google Maps to get an overview from your starting point to Klarälvens Camping. Then you can choose how you want to travel and buy your ticket at SJ (train)Flixbus or Bus4you from your starting point to Karlstad.

When you travel within Värmland on public transportation, you travel with the company “Värmlandstrafik” (in this case we assume you want to travel from Karlstad to Klarälvens Camping). You can visit their website and search for available dates and times: The website is only in Swedish, but on the first page in the field “Från” you write “Karlstad” and then choose either “Karlstad Busstationen” (the bus station) or “Karlstad Centralstationen” (the railway station) from the options. 

In the field “Till” you write “Värnäs” and choose the option “Värnäs bytespunkt”. In the next field you fill in the date (and time) you want to travel. Then you click “Sök resa”. The bus stop at “Värnäs bytepunkt” is about 300 meters from Klarälvens Camping.

Note! If you have booked a timber raft package and are traveling by public transport, ensure that there is a bus on the day you end your tour. The nearest bus stop from where the timber rafting ends (for the meeting point at Klarälvens Camping) is called “Södra Gravol”.

Travel by car

If you drive from (or via) Karlstad, you follow road 62 towards Trysil. You pass through Munkfors and past the exit to Hagfors. You continue north and pass Ekshärad and later the village of Stöllet. After Stöllet you come to the intersection of road 62/E45. Turn left towards Göteborg on the E45. Just before the bridge over the river Klarälven, turn left to Klarälvens Camping.

If you drive from (or via Gothenburg) follow E45 (and later E45/E18) towards Karlstad. Just after Grums (at Nyängen) take a left at the roundabout and follow the E45 towards Mora. You pass towns such as Fagerås, Västra Ämtervik, Sunne and Torsby. Approx. 40km after Torsby you cross the bridge over the river Klarälven. Barely 200 meters after the bridge, turn right to Klarälvens Camping.

Approximate driving time by car from some cities to Klarälvens Camping.

  • From Karlstad – 2 hours.
  • From Göteborg – 5 hours.
  • From Stockholm – 6 hours.
  • From Oslo – 3 hours.

Service in the area

The nearest grocery store is located in Stöllet, about 2 km south of the camping site. Larger grocery stores/supermarkets are found in Ekshärad, about 35km south of the camping site or in Torsby, about 40km southwest of the camping site. On the other side of the road from the camping site is Mac 45, which sells hamburgers and an assortment of other menu items, and on weekdays they offer a lunch special. There is also a petrol station that sells basic groceries. There is a charging point at the petrol station for electric vehicles.