Beaver safari on the river Klarälven

Experience a summer evening on the river Klarälven with a chance to see nature’s architect. The beaver is a fascinating animal that can cut down large trees and construct intricate dams that transform the landscape.

  • nest_eco_leaf An exciting tour at a leisurely pace.
  • nest_eco_leaf Experience nature at dusk.
  • nest_eco_leaf Learn more about the life of beavers.

Summer evening on the river Klarälven

On select summer evenings, you can embark on an enjoyable tour by rubber boat or canoe (depending on number of people), along the serene river Klarälven. Immersed in nature, you’ll float peacefully as the sunset casts a warm glow over the landscape. Keep a keen eye out for the busy beaver, they are known to inhabit the banks of the river, and with a bit of luck, you may catch a glimpse of their industrious activities.

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What is included in the package?

emoji_people Guide
support Equipment for the beaver safari
coffee Coffee/Tea/Juice and sausages to grill during the safari
directions_bus Assistance with getting you back to your vehicle after the safari

Things you need to bring

  • Clothes for possible chilly evenings.
  • Rain gear.
  • It is a good idea to bring mosquito repellent and a pair of binoculars.

Extend your safari experience by adding a night’s stay in a cabin at Klarälvens Camping. Enjoy a peaceful evening in a cosy cabin and avoid the late-night drive home.

  • Chance to see a beaver (but no guarantee).
  • Learn about the fascinating life of the beaver.
  • Enjoy a sausage and freshly brewed coffee around the fire.

How does it work?

The meeting

  • We all meet at 18.00 (17.00 in August) at Klarälvens Camping, off the junction of road E45/62 just north of the village Stöllet.
  • Your guide provides an introduction to the safari and the beavers we hope to see.
  • We provide you with paddles and buoyancy aids.
  • You drive your own vehicle to the starting point, which is a little north of Klarälvens Camping.

At the start

  • For this safari we provide, rubber boats with room for several people, or canoes that seat two to three people.
  • The whole group helps to unload and launch the boats or canoes.

During the safari

  • During the journey on the river we will make a stop to grill sausages, make coffee and tea, and learn more about the beaver.
  • After the break, as the sun starts to set, we slowly paddle down the river to watch for beavers.

After the safari

  • We all return to Klarälvens Camping around 23:30 (22:30 in August).
  • The whole group helps to take the boats or canoes out of the water.
  • Your guide will take the drivers back to the starting point to pick up their vehicles.

Prices and departures

Period: 4th July – 8th August 2024
Departure: Thursdays
Time and place for arrival:
July: 18:00 at Klarälvens Camping, ca. 2 hours drive north of Karlstad. Note! It is important that you keep this time!
August: 17:00 at Klarälvens Camping, ca. 2 hours drive north of Karlstad. Note! It is important that you keep this time!

Beaver safari (SEK per person)AdultChildren 3-15 years
Basic equipment980490
With accommodation one night in “Budget cabin”1150575
Bed linen incl. towel in the cabin180180
Final cleaning, “Budget cabin”400/cabin
Cancellation insurance240120


Adults must be able to swim. Children under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult in the boat or canoe. Dogs or any other pets are not allowed on this tour. Advance booking of the package is mandatory. Cancellation insurance can be arranged at the time of booking. Participation is at your own risk. Access to your own vehicle is a prerequisite. Please read our travel conditions before booking.

Is it suitable to bring small children on a Beaver Safari?

Beaver Safari is an activity that is experienced in the evening. The beavers are most active during dusk/night/dawn and to increase the chance of seeing beavers, we are out when it starts to get dark and onwards. We do not have a minimum age limit for children, but you as the legal guardian know the child best if she/he can take part in an activity that takes about six hours and will not finish until about 11:30 p.m.

Can we bring the dog on a Beaver Safari?

Bringing your dog or other pets on a beaver safari is not a good idea. Leave the dog/pet at home this time.

How do we get to the starting point of the Beaver Safari?

The meeting point for the beaver safari is always at Klarälvens Camping. From there, everyone drives in their own vehicle to the starting point. Our guide takes the lead and shows the way. You park at the starting point and after the end of the beaver safari, a driver from each vehicle gets transport back to their car.

I don’t eat meat, but it says it’s a sausage grill.

The activity beaver safari includes a stop along the river when we make a fire, make coffee/tea and grill sausages. If you don’t eat meat, state this when booking, and we prepare something else for you to grill (such as corn or vegetarian sausage). Juice is also included if you don’t drink coffee or tea.

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The Beaver

The beaver is a mammal that spends a significant portion of its time in the water. As the largest rodent in Sweden, beavers can grow up to 75 cm in length, not including their distinctive flat tail. Beavers are exceptionally well-adapted to life in the water. Their dense fur coat provides excellent insulation, keeping them warm and dry even in the water. Their hind paws are webbed, enhancing their swimming abilities, and their broad, flat tails act almost like a fin, helping them propel through the water, maneuver, and even signal danger to other beavers. These industrious amphibious rodents are capable of felling large trees using their strong, sharp teeth. They then use the wood to construct intricate huts and dams, transforming the landscape and creating ponds that support a diverse array of wildlife. The beaver’s ability to dramatically alter its environment through its construction efforts is a testament to its remarkable problem-solving abilities. Observing these beavers in their natural habitat is a truly unique and enlightening experience.