Timber raft All Inclusive

Timber rafting at its best…

  • nest_eco_leaf Build your own timber raft for a one-of-a-kind experience
  • nest_eco_leaf A balance of challenges and quiet contemplation
  • nest_eco_leaf An approved ecotourism experience

Timber raft All Inclusive – 4 days

This adventure is an excellent outdoor experience combined with a touch of “luxury”. The campsites are all arranged for your convenience and dinners are served around the campfire or in your cabin. With experienced guides, you build the raft that you will float down the beautiful and historical river Klarälven.

2016 NSV11 Rafting (28)
2016 NSV11 Rafting (8)

What is included in the package?

cabin Two nights in a cabin, bed linen, towel, final cleaning
camping One night in a tent, sleeping bag, sheet and sleeping mat
restaurant Food for the entire stay, kitchen equipment
support Basic equipment
emoji_people Instructors at the meeting point, building site and campsite
local_parking Parking for vehicles, local transportation is provided

Things you need to bring

  • Clothing suitable for changing weather including rain gear and a full change of clothes.
  • Gloves and sandals (which are suitable for use in the water) or old trainers. Extra shoes and/or boots.

The basic equipment includes: Timber, ropes, life-ring, paddles, poles, buoyancy aids, tarpaulin, metal platter for hurricane stove, bucket, rubbish bags, toilet paper, a small First-Aid kit, spade, drinking water container, topographical map, storage box, canoe (a Canadian canoe or sit-on-top kayak depending on availability at the building site), information about the tour before arrival and at the meeting, instructor during the first and second day and during the evening and morning when you camp along the river.

When the timber raft is completed, additional boxes (the rope boxes) will be empty which you can use for your equipment.

The transport of you and all your equipment (but not large personal items such as canoes/kayaks, bicycles, etc.) from Klarälvens Camping to the building site is included. If you arrive by car, this will be parked free of charge in Björkebo (where you will finish your tour) during your timber raft tour.

To build your own timber raft is a big part of the adventure and experience.

  • Make new memories together.
  • Follow the pace of the river.
  • Combine adventure with comfort!

Experience timber rafting in Sweden’s wilderness along Värmland’s forested rivers, offering you a range of nature experiences that are adventurous, yet safe. You build your own raft using logs and ropes, then float down the river Klarälven. We all take part in cooking and enjoy meals inspired by local specialties. Spend the first night in a cozy cabin and the second night in nature in a tent. Your mode of transport is the self-built timber raft, drifting at a leisurely pace of 2 km per hour. Breakfast and dinner are arranged together at the overnight stops, while lunch and coffee are enjoyed onboard your raft at your own convenience.

How does it work?

Day 1:  

  • You have access to your cabin at Klarälvens Camping from 15:00 on the on the day you arrive.
  • At 17:00 we all meet down by the river. We teach you how to build a raft and much more.
  • In the evening, over an open fire, you make the dish “kolbullar” – a typical old Scandinavian dish for lumberjacks and log drivers.
  • You spend the night in your cabin at Klarälvens Camping.

Day 2:

  • We provide transportation to the building site.
  • Build your timber raft using just logs and ropes.
  • Embark on your timber raft journey.
  • We meet again where we will camp along the river. If you wish, you can participate in cooking over the open fire.
  • You spend the night in your tent.

Day 3:

  • Breakfast is served at the camp.
  • Set off on your raft down the river.
  • In the afternoon you reach Klarälvens Camping where you check-in to the same cabin you stayed in on the first night.
  • Dinner is waiting for you in the cabin.
  • You spend the night in your cabin at Klarälvens Camping.

Day 4:

  • Enjoy breakfast in your cabin.
  • Set off for the final push to the finish on your raft..
  • Arrive to the finish in Björkebo.
  • Dismantle your raft.
  • Return the rented equipment.
  • Begin your journey home or on to new adventures.

Prices and departures

Departures 2024: Tuesdays 11th June, 18th June, 25th June, 2nd July, 9th July, 13th August, 3rd September.
Time and place for arrival:  Check-in between 15:00 – 17:00 at Klarälvens Camping, 140km north of Karlstad, on days of departures as listed above.
Note! It is important that you keep this time!

If you are at least four persons, we may be able to offer this tour before and after the period specified above. In that case, come back with the desired date and we will see if we can arrange it.

Timber raft All inclusive (SEK/person)AdultChildren 3-15 years
Basic equipment13.90011.120
Cancellation insurance240120


Each timber raft requires a minimum of 2 adults aged 18 or older. Adults must be able to swim. Advance booking of the package is mandatory. Cancellation insurance can be arranged at the time of booking. Participation is at your own risk. Please review our travel conditions before booking.

Can we bring the dog?

You are welcome to bring your dog, but you must consider the following:

– You must keep the dog leashed at the meeting point and at the building site (if you have booked a timber raft tour). It is also important that you always have the dog under supervision on the journey, because you are traveling in an area where there are wild animals.

– If you make a longer trip (3-8 days), local transport is included. If there is another person traveling in the same vehicle who is allergic to dogs, you must be prepared to transport your dog to the start of the tour yourself.

– Some dogs are very sensitive to mosquitoes. There is not much you can do, but it is usually not a problem when you are out in the canoe or on the timber raft, but can be a concern when you go ashore for the night.

– We do not have life jackets for dogs. Bring your own if your dog needs it.

– It can be long days on the river if you travel on a timber raft or paddle a canoe when the dog must be still. But if the dog likes to swim, it is usually not a major problem.

Can we drink the water in the rivers/lakes?

The water can only be drunk if it is boiled. The water can therefore be used for all cooking, coffee, tea, etc. On longer trips (3-8 days) you will get freshwater containers in the basic equipment that you can fill up before you set off. You don´t have to boil the water to brush your teeth or wash the dishes. Remember to bring biodegradable washing-up liquid!

Where is our starting (meeting) point?

Depending on which package you have booked, there are different meeting points. NOTE! If you search Vildmark i Värmland on Google, or any other search engine, you will come to our office in Torsby. NO tours start from here! You will find information where your specific meeting point is in your travel documents that you have received when you made the booking/payment. It is usually found at the end of the travel document.

What do we do if we want to fish?

It is fine to try fishing on all our different tours, but you must have a fishing license. You can purchase fishing licenses at the starting point for all tours except canoe tours that start in Torsby (Röjdån and Rottnan). If you start your canoeing in Torsby, you buy a fishing license at “ifiske.se”. (Seach: Lekvattnets FVOF for Rottnan and Velens FVOF for Röjdån)

Are there a lot of mosquitoes?

There are always mosquitoes. How much depends on how dry, hot, and wet it is/has been. A heavy spring flood with subsequent heat brings a lot of mosquitoes. However, it is very rare that there are mosquito’s over open water. The mosquitoes are mainly active on land and in the evening. Mosquito repellent and covering clothing are the best protection. As far as it is known, the mosquitoes in this area does not carry any infections.

Is it possible to travel by train and bus to you?

You can travel by bus alternatively by train from Karlstad to the meeting point of most of our packages. It all depends on which package you have booked, and which day you will arrive to us. Should you, for example, start your canoe- or timber raft trip on a Saturday or Sunday in Gunnerud, there is no bus to Gunnerud on these days. If you will arrive to Gunnerud on a Saturday or Sunday, you can travel by bus to the bus stop “Sjögränd” (just south of Gunnerud) and we can arrange a transfer free of charge to Gunnerud (if you arrive with the bus connection that is closest to the start time of your booked trip). Notify us at the time you make your booking if you need transfer.

What our guests say about us

A good balance of number of participants. Enough not to be crowded on the river, yet completly solitude, once on the water. Created a safe atmosphere about not being alone if you get stuck, on the other hand great peace and quiteness.
Timber raft
Something completely different
Timber raft
It was a very unique experience. Away to get close to nature and a perfect trip for a person who loves nature and adventure.
Timber raft
Thank you very much
Timber raft
It was even better as in the beginning I was a bit nervous building and handeling the raft. But this was great with two strong guys
Timber raft
It was even Better than hoped for! Building the raft was quite a job but well supervised in advice and assistance
Timber raft
Adventure, nature, challenges, eating on water, building the raft, teamwork
Timber raft
It was a wonderful experience to undertake with my family
Timber raft
Well organised, good and enough food and being in touch so close with nature is just the best!!
Timber raft

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Leave your comfort zone

Everyone has a comfort zone. To grow and succeed, we must challenge ourselves and confront our fears of unfamiliar situations. Stepping out of our comfort zone can lead to valuable new experiences. Timber rafting offers such an opportunity for adventure on the river Klarälven, sharing unique experiences and creating unforgettable memories.