“Ecotourism is responsible travelling which helps protect natural environments and supports the local population’s wellbeing.” (WWF 1994)


Over recent decades, ecotourism has successfully contributed towards protecting unique natural and cultural values all over the world. It is one of the fastest growing industries in the field of international tourism.

”Nature´s Best” is a Swedish ecotourism quality grading. The grading is customised to guarantee high quality in activities entailing nature conservation, more environmentally adapted travel and care for the cultural values of the travel destination. ”Nature´s Best” is a joint brand for Sweden’s best nature travel operators and their best activities.


The following are the six basic requirements for “Nature’s Best”:

1) Respect the restrictions of the travel destination – least possible impact on nature and culture.
2) Benefit the local economy.
3) Environmentally adapt all business operations.
4) Actively contribute to nature protection and cultural protection.
5) Invest in the joy of discovery, knowledge and respect.
6) Quality and security on your trip.

In May 2002, Vildmark i Värmland assessed the timber raft trips on the river Klarälven based on “Nature’s Best” quality grading metrics. Over the years, we have updated our operations in accordance with “Nature’s Best 2.0” quality grading metrics. We carried out a complete analysis of the business operations again in the winter of 2020/2021. We believe the continued assessment of our business operations in accordance to Nature’s Best 2.0 metrics benefits our guests, our team, the local population, and the natural environment where we live, work and play. We will continue to develop our tours and operations in accordance with Nature’s Best practices to ensure quality experiences in nature.


Our ecotourism policy

Since our founding in 1980, we have conducted our business with consideration for the natural environment and the local community. Honoring the history of log driving on the river Klarälven and creating jobs in the region were key reasons for starting the company.

Our goal is to operate the business on a long-term, sustainable basis while protecting the natural environment. We strive to develop the company in an environmentally friendly and climate-conscious manner, taking local conditions into account.

We offer both timber raft tours and canoe tours in a responsible way – taking the history, culture, safety and practicalities into consideration. Our guests learn about these aspects through travel documents, videos, and on-site briefings by our knowledgeable instructors.

By providing people with the experience to build their own timber rafts and float down the river Klarälven, we carry on the long tradition of log driving and its craftsmanship.

We prioritize purchasing from local stores and eco-friendly suppliers, especially for the provisions used on our tours. We also encourage our guests to support the local economy by shopping locally and participating in local tourism.

We invite feedback from guests and employees, which is essential for us to continuously improve our operations.

We have analyzed the risks of all our packages and developed plans to minimize these risks.

Our aim is for our guests, the local population, and our team to have fun experiences in nature and create unforgettable memories.

Ecotourism aligns with the core principles and values of Vildmark i Värmland – locally driven adventure tourism combined with great responsibility for nature, culture, and people.