The adventure is awaiting

Are you still a child by heart?

Timber rafting suits you who like to be out in nature, are excited with an experience that is not planned in every second and are not afraid of physical activity. This rafting trip will be an adventure and an experience you will never forget!

The rafting conditions are determined by the current water level and this, just as the weather and the wind, will highly affect this way to travel. It is always calm flowing water (at a speed of around 1-3 km / h), but even in the calmest waters lurk small adventure in in terms of rocks, sandbanks and eddies. A great adventure is to get the almost two-ton timber raft from the stream into the shore. You carry out the tour on your own and decide and plan your daily distances according to the current circumstances at the time.

Something for everyone

All people have a comfort zone. In order to develop as a person and achieve success, we need to challenge ourselves and our fear of awkward situations. Experiencing nature can be a challenge for many, but it's like one of our employees said: "It is naked, cold, refreshing, warm and cozy at the same time."