Additions Timber raft 5 days

2016-Tom Lindström-Utrustning Gr


Hurricane stove with gas (includes kettle, pots and pan), mug, plate, knife, fork, spoon, kitchen knife, chopping board, frying spatula, cheese slicer, whisk, tin and bottle opener, potato peeler,  washing-up bowl, sponge and washing-up liquid, kitchen roll, matches. Everything is packed in a storage box.

If you book the kitchen equipment, all participants on the same raft must choose the same equipment.

2021-IngMarie Junler-Mat ute


The first evening when you arrive in Gunnerud, you will get pasta with tomato sauce, as well as breakfast and lunch for the following day. At lunch on day 2, you will receive a complete box of ingredients for the rest of the trip. The box contains approximately the following: mashed potatoes, rice, pasta, some kind of meat, vegetables, juice, milk, skimmed milk, cornflakes or muesli, coffee, tea, bread, spreads, juice, broth, salt, meatballs, fishballs, canned meat, ham, sausages, apples, tomatoes, onions, crackers, soups, carrots, turnips, etc.

Contents may vary a bit depending on what fresh produce and vegetables etc. that are available in the store at the moment. The food, apart from the dairy products, is estimated to be enough for the whole trip. You compose and prepare the meals yourself from the ingredients provided. If you are allergic to something, we will of course replace that food with something else. Just notify us well in advance of ordering. 

When ordering provisions, all aboard the same timber raft must select this supplement.



Sleeping bag package (includes the following): Sleeping bag, liner and mat, packed in a waterproof bag.



You rent a tent from the famous Swedish tent maker, Hilleberg. The model used is called “Nallo” or “Keron” and is recommended for four persons. Please note that, despite this, the space calculated per person is quite small. The inner tent is 210 cm wide and 220 cm long. You can sit upright in the tent.
You bring your own sleeping mat and sleeping bag. Alternatively, you can rent this from us.

Note! No dogs or other animals are permitted in our tents.